Nana Mensah

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is a Ghanaian-American actress, director, writer, singer and all around renaissance woman who we first got to know as the fiery Sade on the web series An African CityOver the last thirty months, Mensah has been hard at work on her first feature film, a dark comedy called Queen of Glory, which she wrote, directed and stars in. In the film, Mensah plays Sarah Obeng, a young PhD. candidate who is also a “weirdo, adulteress, binge-eating, grieving-but-not-dealing, Ghanaian-American genius who is slaying at academia, but failing at life.” For Mensah, a self-professed weirdo, her latest role is an opportunity to tell the story of a black woman from an African immigrant community who finds herself pulled in different directions as she tries to develop and honor each aspect of her identities.

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MaameYaa Boafo

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MaameYaa Boafo was born in Pakistan and hails from Ghana, West Africa and currently lives in New York. Coming to the United States to obtain a double Bachelor degree in Journalism and French at Hood College, Ms. Boafo was then awarded the Levin Scholarship from Rutgers University where she received her MFA in Acting from the Mason Gross School of the Arts.  She has since gone on to play roles such as Ophelia in Hamlet, the Courtesan in Comedy of Errors and made her off-Broadway debut as Walter Mosley’s leading lady in his play LIFT.


Since making her on-screen acting debut in 2012, in the award winning indie film Asa as the title role, MaameYaa has gone on to star in other indies and short films ( Bus Nut. Directed by Akosua Adoma Owusu as well as TV: Madam Secretary, Blacklist & Mysteries of Laura to name a few. Ms. Boafo also leads the cast of An African City, the international hit web series that is “Africa’s answer to Sex & the City” (CNN). Commercial appearances include Nickolodeon and Movicel starring Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopes and Dove Chocolate among others.

Jeanine Daniels

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It was early in life when Jeanine figured out that she had a knack for telling stories. This was evident when she wrote and self-published her first book in the 3rd grade. In elementary school her precocious talent for writing, comedy and expressive arts were apparent and Jeanine excelled in the creative arts.

Throughout her young life, her music industry father constantly exposed her to a diverse collection of musical genres, from African drum to Zydeco, from Celtic to Riverdance, and everything in between. Her ear and love for music developed right alongside her love for writing.

As Jeanine’s school years proceeded, she participated in many writing and acting workshops. She attended Hamilton High School in Los Angeles where she was enrolled in the Communications Arts Academy. It was there she was asked by her A.P English teacher to participate in “Write Girl,” a mentoring program that allows high school girls to team up with professional women writers in the entertainment industry. Jeanine’s work can be seen in three of the Write Girl’s published anthologies. Jeanine remains an active alumni member of Write Girls and is often asked to speak at events on behalf of the organization.

While still a senior in high school, Jeanine became an intern in the TV/Literary Department at Edmunds Entertainment. Soon afterwards she was accepted into Pitzer College in Claremont, CA. However, she decided to continue her internship well into her freshman year.

In 2007 Jeanine attended the University of Peking (also, known as Beijing University) for a semester of classes in her chosen discipline, Media Studies.  She was among a select group of Pitzer students chosen for this invaluable immersion in Chinese culture. She quickly picked up the Mandarin language and became quite adept at speaking at a conversational level.

After graduating from Pitzer with a B.S in Media Studies in 2008, Jeanine began working at Los Angeles based KCET, a PBS affiliate where she was Assistant to the Vice President of Program Planning and Development. Here she began to hone a variety of useful skills in the area of production, pitch meetings and development. Her ability to learn quickly and a strong desire to succeed became evident and she was offered a full time position, one in which she declined because of her personal goals, which were yet to be achieved.

While working at KCET, she met and began working with Dennis Dortch (A Good Day to be Black and Sexy) as a Production Assistant, producer and writer. She would later team up with Numa Pierre and Brian Ali to shape and provide creative energy to what eventually became Black&Sexy TV.

After spending a brief amount of time at the Osbrink Talent Agency and ABC in 2009, Jeanine was soon in her element in early 2010 as the Animation Coordinator for Mad at Warner Bros. studios.  Jeanine found herself spending as much time as possible in the writers room where she honed her skills at joke writing, comedic timing, script formation, and editing. Under the tutelage and direction of creator and producer Kevin Schinick, . she gained valuable experience in all aspects of animation production, creation and design.

After a year at WB she began working in earnest with the Black&Sexy TV team taking on several jobs, among them content producer and writer. Continuing to seek work as independent animation producer Jeanine  was able to acquire a number of valuable skills by accepting short assignments. One such assignment landed her a position in the Disney Animation department where she worked with creator and producer Tom Ruegger (Animaniacs, Tiny Toon Adventures).

Since 2008 Jeanine has been a part of the brain trust that created Black&Sexy TV.  Her creative influence on the organization can be seen in the characters she has created and her diverse approach to the production process.

Basing the storyline and characters from her life, Jeanine created a series called “The Couple”.  Crafted and directed by Dennis Dortch, the series is now in development with HBO. In addition, Jeanine created the web series “That Guy” and co-created the talk show “Minute Man”.

The songs and artists featured on That Guy have grown in popularity right along with the series. Near the end of season two Jeanine spearheaded and collaborated with various musicians to create two different mix tapes from the songs that were featured on the web series. Filming is also underway on a documentary about a group of these underground artists.

On Christmas Day, 2014, Black & Sexy TV released Jeanine’s first feature film, “That Guy Movie,” based on the popular web series she created.  Distributed on the VHX pay-per-view platform, the film has garnered rave reviews and thousands of paid views, leading fans of the film and the series to launch an online petition to bring the beloved characters back for a third season.

As she did with the season-ending finale for the first two seasons of the ‘That Guy’ web series, Jeanine capped off the “That Guy Movie” release with a free downloadable soundtrack mixtape featuring some of LA’s hottest underground artists.  She will continue to focus on music and the art of storytelling through her production company, nine27 Entertainment.