Nat Turner, Solar Eclipse on August 21:Pay homage to the Great Ancestor


This coming Monday will be a solar eclipse.  They don’t happen too often in the western part of the world.  But this is a special one in particular.  It will be on August 21 which is the day of the slave revolt by the great prophet Nat Turner.  This would be the 186 year anniversary of the revolt. With all the racial tension created by the mainstream media I can feel the tension around me. And our racist President is not helping the matter.  There are a lot of racial films out right now as well.  As well as the boxing match between Mayweather and McGregor which will fan more racial flames.  Watching the news can get you angry and upset.  Especially  when watching protests and marches by white supremacists.  But this is how the media controls you through your emotions.  Many black people are being manipulated emotionally.   It’s time to calm down,relax for a moment and think clearly. I think during this eclipse we should do some type of ritual in honor of the Black God Nat Turner.  Maybe pour libation or whatever you feel like doing.  But we need to harvest our energy and use the power given to us by our African ancestors.  We must always give the utmost respect to those that fought and gave the ultimate sacrifice against this wicked,racist and corrupt system.  Ashe’



Vacation in the Carolinas! Fun in the sun :)

Just got back from my much needed vacation. I visited North Carolina and Virginia. I mainly went for my family reunion but it was good to get out of California anyway. All the California smog and buildings can get old after awhile. The traffic is insane out here!I needed a break from the concrete jungle. The change of scenery was really nice. The south has such beautiful scenery. So many trees and plants to look at. I could do without all the bugs though. The gnats were relentless!lol But it was good to see family and friends again. I think I’ll go next year. Like most vacations though,it was much too short. Good to be back though.