CREE interviews Kofi(Lion) Obibini…creator of World Afropedia


This is a great interview by counter-racist Blogtalk host CREE. This is from her Blogtalk radio program. It’s a great interview with Kofi Lion. He is the creator of World Afropedia. Think of Afropedia as a Wikipedia for the African diaspora. This is something we should have had a long time ago.The site covers many subjects such as economics,science,racism,Africa,the Americas,mathematics ,entertainment among other things. The site is still a work in progress at the moment. But like the site says it is ” a global database of Afrikan knowledge for the sole purpose of bringing about a global Afrikan Wisdom and Understanding”.  Kofi is a very intelligent brother. He has a lot of knowledge on various subjects. CREE and Kofi discuss everything from computer software,African history,white supremacy,bitcoins,digital wallets,and using vellum paper. etc.  It’s a really thought provoking discussion. I learned quite a bit from this three hour interview. I think you will too.

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And the World Afropedia blog as well.