Taking a Spring Break….(mini vacation)

Spring break

What’s up family?  Just wanted to tell my subscribers I’m taking a break. There’s a lot of things happening on a global scale.  As well as my own personal issues.  I got  a lot going on at the moment. Time to unplug again. I need a little break from the internet and blogosphere.  I guess you could call it a mini vacation. I’ve been feeling a little burned out as of late.

At the Beach....

Feel free to leave a comment on any recent post. I’ll try to respond as soon as I can.  You guys take care. Peace and be well!

Vacation in the Carolinas! Fun in the sun :)

Just got back from my much needed vacation. I visited North Carolina and Virginia. I mainly went for my family reunion but it was good to get out of California anyway. All the California smog and buildings can get old after awhile. The traffic is insane out here!I needed a break from the concrete jungle. The change of scenery was really nice. The south has such beautiful scenery. So many trees and plants to look at. I could do without all the bugs though. The gnats were relentless!lol But it was good to see family and friends again. I think I’ll go next year. Like most vacations though,it was much too short. Good to be back though.