Nobody is born a Warrior

Kushite P...

Nobody is born a Warrior.

You choose to be one when you refuse to back down.

You choose to be one when you stand up after getting knocked down.

You choose to be one because if not,who?

Divine Feminine Principle: What is a Virtuous Woman? (Part 3 of 5)


The Virtuous Woman
We Affirm That:
1. A Virtuous Woman is not born, but she is made through daily, conscious thought and action.
2. A Virtuous Woman practices daily submission of the ego.
3. A Virtuous Woman prays for strength to do what is correct.
4. A Virtuous Woman is not of any particular faith, but she is a woman of faith in a Higher Source of power which gives her strength.
5. A Virtuous Woman honors the feminine and appreciates the masculine. She innerstands that harmony arises when both play their roles.
6. A Virtuous Woman is not perfect, but she strives towards the highest development of her person.
7. A Virtuous Woman is what I am.
She enjoys being a woman and her husband delights in her. She helps him to be a better man by being a better woman.

The Importance of Family


I will have a feeling of love and responsibility for all Black children, be
they my own biological descendants or not. The extended family is a traditional
way of life for us, therefore all Afrikan adults are potentially correct Black

– I will teach what is right and what is wrong.

– I will respect my children and will demand respect from them.

– I will strive to produce in the home harmony, stability and an atmosphere of
trust and love. I will provide opportunities for learning and will instill a
sense of pride by teaching our past and present history.

– I will have control and power in the home, being that the home is the smallest
example of a Nation — and if the home is not together you cannot deal with
outside forces.

– I will find the best possible educational institutions for my children and I
will participate in some way in the institution.

– I will seek to establish and perpetuate those moral attitudes and values which
will add to my children’s personalities and characters; virtue, knowledge,
temperance, patience, godliness, brotherliness, kindness and charity.

– I will develop a deep inner love that flows over and around the Black child to
form a shield of protection, guidance, wisdom and strength.

– I will assume the responsibility for cultivating the development of Black
youth. This cultivation process occurs mentally (through skill development);
physically (through the sharing of food, clothing and shelter); emotionally
(through the commitment to the national development of Black people); and
spiritually (through the living out of a superior value system).

– I will be about collaborating with others like myself, creating an atmosphere
whereby Black children can grow and develop their potential in effective and
meaningful ways.

– I will be responsible for strengthening the positive qualities of the child
and for correcting negative characteristics. I will maintain and nurture
positive stability in the Black family.

– I will be a model of the intellectual, emotional and moral discipline
necessary to the child’s understanding of, relationship to, and responsibility
for the total Black experience — past, present and future.

– I will have as my goal harmony within and freedom without; with confidence in
the knowledge that the ultimate in freedom is service to mankind. My whole
person and lifestyle will transmit these same values to the young.

– I will help every Black child to develop the skills to survive. I will teach
that the highest good in life is to serve Black people, helping all Black people
in the struggle to survive.

Mwalimu I. Mwadilifu