Earth Amplified & Stic Man- Food Fight

This is a great song by the rap group Earth Amplified. With a guest appearance by Stic Man from Dead Prez. You have to really pay attention to the words in this song. They touch on how black people need to get off this “ghetto diet” that is killing our people. This steady diet of junk food is giving us cancer, hyper tension,liver disease and obesity. Not to mention the fast food restaurants like Murder King, McKiller’s and Taco Hell. And call me crazy but I’m starting to believe that KFC may stand for Kidney Failure and The video also has a nice concept. Much love to Earth Amplified! We need more songs like this in the mainstream music world.

This is beautiful to see!


Once upon a time, there were two wise men who sang,

“…There’s nothing better than LOVE…it’s better by far!” I totally agree. I mean, I’m so sappy that I tear up at weddings….on TV! Sitcoms, even! Ha!

So you can only imagine the pride I felt when I was asked to style the wardrobe and overall ‘look’ for a photo shoot with the “Couple of the Century” (in my book) Khnum Ibomu (a.k.a Stic.Man of Dead Prez) and his wife Afya Ibomu. It was for the cover of Naptural Roots Magazine! Man, I felt like I was dressing them for their wedding day :).

Oh wait; no need to imagine- I made an earthcandy* episode of it, so you can see for yourself :).

Just be sure to grab a box of tissues first. Enjoy!

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