Why are these Black mothers supporting Hillary Clinton?

I can’t believe my eyes. Have you heard of Mothers of the Movement?  These are the mothers of slain black men and women.  They are the mothers of Eric Garner,Trayvon Martin,Sandra Bland,Jordan Davis and Dontre Hamilton.



I hate to say it but these women must’ve been paid off.  I know they are in pain about the loss of their children.  It’s a pain no mother should ever experience.  But this is just political pandering.  Hillary Clinton is just a sneaky racist opportunist.  She and her husband Bill helped put millions of black people in jail.  Bill Clinton was a big supporter of the “3 Strikes” law back in the 90’s.  And now you want us to believe they care about murdered black people??  You have got to be kidding me!  Clinton is just as racist as Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  None of them  should be trusted.


No disrespect to these mothers but they shouldn’t have endorsed this racist con artist.  This was a BIG mistake. She doesn’t give a damn about our people or our struggle. Clinton is trying to use the pain and suffering of our people to get us to vote for her.  Don’t fall for it! Do you think this was a smart move?


Sandra Bland: Facts vs Fiction

This is a video and post by Rick Wallace. The brother makes some very valid points regarding the Sandra Bland case. Read the following article and let me know what you think.

What is submitted here is the demand that blacks stop jumping on every bandwagon simply because it supports their theory. The objective should always be truth — truth, in conjunction with consistency, is the foundation on which credibility and respect are developed. If we are to be taken serious, we must be willing to engage facts that may not support our theories. We have to be willing to acknowledge when we may have spoken hastily on a matter. Am I saying that Sandra Bland killed herself, at this time, I have to say that I don’t know. What I can say is that I have seen a lot of things that are not receiving enough attention, things that point to the possibility that she may have taken her own life.

What disgusts me is all of the false stories and theories like the “dead in the mugshot theory,” which makes absolutely no sense (see excerpt for explanation). The truth is that it is easier for blacks to believe that she was murdered than it is to believe that a black person took their own life under distress. I have conducted a significant amount of research since this surfaced, and what I have uncovered is that there has actually been more formulated BS from our side than the side of law enforcement. Don’t get me wrong, there were definitely some spins placed on the story by law enforcement, which will always going to be the case; however, some of the stuff that was being circulated by us and all of these desktop psychologists was absolutely ridiculous.

It is time that we step back and begin to break this down piece by piece. At this point, I will say that regardless of whether Sandra Bland killed herself or she was murdered, the video of the arrests presents enough to declare that she was wrongfully arrested, and therefore, responsibility for her death begins with DPS. If at some time, there is evidence that supports murder charges, then we will move for that as well, but from what I am hearing the second and independent autopsy, which was ordered and paid for by Sandra Bland’s family, also came to the conclusion that her death was caused by suicide. I am still attempting to confirm this for myself. I do know that the results of that second autopsy have been kept on the hush, and that says a lot.

Well, read my post and hopefully, it will spark some dialogue that can actually serves to move us in a direction in which we gain ground in a number of areas that go beyond meaningless debate.

The Death of Sandra Bland(They’re killing Sistas too)

Sandra Bland

It is immensely important to discover the truth about what happened to Sandra Bland, and it is equally important to hold all who are involved in her death, at any level, responsible for the role that they have played. However, before we can even get to the point in which Sandra Bland lost her life, we must take an extremely close look at how she ended up in police custody in the first place. Let’s be clear here. Law enforcement officers are trained to effectively deescalate potentially volatile situations, without the use of force, and we know that they are capable of doing this with great effectiveness. We know this because white people can be some of the most obnoxious people in the world when pulled over, and yet rarely are they arrested for their obnoxious behavior. Police officers are generally very tolerant of verbal resistance when dealing with whites. In this particular case, as with far too many other situations involving blacks, the officer’s tolerance is almost non-existent. He asks her about whether or not she is irritated. Of course she is, which is the response with a significant number of people when pulled over and ticketed. As blacks, we must be careful to guard against the conditioned response of blaming the victim for behavior that is commonly overlooked. It ignores the core intent and removes accountability for the perpetrator.

Sandra Bland voicing her displeasure with being stopped is not grounds to escalate the situation, nor is it ground for arrest. If you stopped a person for failing to properly signal, give her a ticker or a warning and let her be on her way. Why is he antagonizing her? Why the command to put the cigarette out while she is still in the car, unless you have already made up in your mind that you are about to extract her from the vehicle. Why is the cigarette important? Normally officers only request that a person extinguish their cigarette after they have exited the, because at that moment, the cigarette could be used as a weapon. So, his requesting  that she put the cigarette out is indicative of his intent to remove her, but he is stating that the reason she is being removed is because she failed to distinguish the cigarette. Do you get where this is going? Basically, he did not like her attitude, he was going to give her an attitude adjustment. He did not like the idea that she was standing up to him.

The trooper then demands that she get out of the car, without giving a reason why. Unless she is being detained for something, she should not have to get out of the car, which is a quick way to escalate a the situation. When she mentions that she does not have to get out because she is not under arrest, he then says that she is under arrest, but once again, he fails to identify why at this time. Now keep in mind, this is prior to when the alleged assault took place, which is supposed to be the reason she was arrested. Are you starting to see the officers intent to arrest her even before he had a reason to?

When she refuses to exit the car, he threatens to tase her. She then complies and he orders her to the side of the road out of view of the dash cam, which is odd. It would seem that the fact that he was having difficulty with Sandra that he would want everything on film, but he purposely moves her out of the frame of the camera. What happens after that is still in question, but we already know that there was ill intent and a pre-existing desire to arrest her before the alleged assault took place.

Article by Dr Rick Wallace.

I believe they killed this sista. This story just doesn’t seem right to me. Somebody is lying.Also that video footage of the cop pulling her over has been edited. Who edited the video? I’m not sure but it seems like a cover up to me. Rest in Power Sandra. We will get to the bottom of this. You deserve justice just like so many others. Here are some other good blogs covering this tragedy. Be sure to check them out as well.