Straight out of KEMET(Neters With Attributes)

This is a video by author African Creation Energy.  He has some books with great historical information on Africa. His books cover things like African science,Maat and mathematics.  I thought this video of his was an interesting and different perspective on the film about rap group NWA.  It’s much different than most.  Some people think a little deeper than most. Most people tend to look at only the surface.  It’s not always a bad thing to look a bit deeper.

NWA- KemetAC Energy

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Dead Prez- The Awakening feat. Umar Bin Hassan

This is a very nice song by rap duo Dead Prez. It’s a very soothing track with African chants. They are also joined by Umar Bin Hassan from the legendary group The Last Poets. This is from their cd Information Age. It’s a great cd! I think you’ll really enjoy it!