Emmy and Oscar Awards: White validation is NOT Black Power


I know everyone is going to be mad at me for this. But it must be said.Everyone is talking about actress Viola Davis winning the Emmy award last night for best actress.  They say it’s historic because no black woman has ever won the Emmy for best actress. Viola gave a very heartfelt speech after winning as she fought back tears. She thanked black actresses like Gabrielle Union,Meagan Good and Kerry Washington for opening doors for  other actresses. And she did quote the great Harriet Tubman(I give her some props for that).  But I have to keep it real with you.  Here at Kushite Kingdom we deal in reality whether people like it or not.  The sad part is she won the award for the show How To Get Away with Murder. A show that promotes interracial sex and homosexuality.  This is not what we should be promoting to black people.  But I understand black actors have to work right?  So they take whatever crumbs the white executives in Hollywood give them.  But the reality is she was crying because she finally felt validated. But by whom?  The rich whites and Jews that control Hollywood of course.  Why do we need validation from those that exploit and dehumanize us?  Why do we need validation from those that degrade the image of black people?  Are we supposed to be happy when they give us awards??  I don’t think so. I find the images of our people very insulting.  They see giving us awards as charity. These white folks know Viola wining this award means nothing.  They still control the film and television industry from top to bottom.  I think these bastards get off on watching us cry when we are given awards by them.  It gives the poor negroes hope that they are finally being accepted. Totally nonsense!!  It’s all the illusion of inclusion.  I say let them keep their damn awards.

Lupita Oscar

Yes I love Lupita too.  She’s a gorgeous woman.  But we really don’t need awards from these people.  Ask yourself…do you want awards from your oppressors?