Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 19(Barbershop 3)

Ice Cube..



The new film Barbershop:The Next Cut was released last week.  Do we really need a sequel to this foolishness?  It stars once again Ice Cube,Eve and Cedric the Entertainer.  But this time they have added rapper/actor Common and Nicki Minaj.  they should’ve just stopped at the first film.  That was enough for me.  But of course you know Hollywood loves to make sequels if the film makes a lot of money.  But this time the comedy has a message.  they address the issue of black on black violence in Chicago.  that’s cool,but I’m sure there will put much more buffoonery than social commentary in this film.

And Ice Cube and Common used to speak up on black issues back in the day.  Common was always Afrocentric and pro-black.  And Ice Cube used to speak out against racism and white bigotry. Cube would never bite his tongue back in 1991-1995.  But Cube has totally went soft!  he and Common having been making big money in Hollywood with their white masters and turned their backs on the people.  Both of these punks are soft as marshmallows.  They have NO integrity in my opinion. They use to have black pride,now they’re a disgrace. I can’t and wont support this garbage of a film.

Watoto From the Nile – Letter to Nicki Minaj

This is a great rap video from Watoto From the Nile. I hope Nicki Minaj is watching. She just might learn something from it. I think it would be some good food for thought.

King Lo explains the Self Hatred Mindset

This is a great video by King Lo. He talks about self hatred and anti blackness among our people. He also talks about rappers Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. And how they got plastic surgery to alter their bodies in a quest for “perfection”. It’s really shows just how deep this sickness runs.