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Umoja Karamu- Embrace your Heritage


Umoja Karamu (oo-MOH-jah kah-RAH-moo) is a celebration of unity within the African-American family, community, and nation. Umoja Karamu is a Swahili term meaning “unity feast.” Many African Americans celebrate this day as an alternative to the national Thanksgiving Day holiday. The unity feast may also be observed during Kwanzaa celebrations in late December.

The concept of African and African-American unity is centuries old. But during the 1960s and 1970s, it was a major focus of black nationalists. During the 1980s and 1990s, Afrocentric scholars such as Ishakamusa Barashango, lecturer, author, and founder of Philadelphia’s Temple of the Black Messiah, drew further attention to the theme.


Barashango, who died in 2004, argued that African Americans and black people of the diaspora should reject such European-American holidays as Thanksgiving and concentrate instead on understanding Africa’s culture and values that are the distinctive heritage of black people.

In 1971 Brother Edward Simms Jr. of the Temple of the Black Messiah in Philadelphia developed Umoja Karamu to celebrate the African-American family and home. According to Barashango, Simms defined the purpose of Umoja Karamu as “an effort to inject new meaning and solidarity into the Black Family through ceremony and symbol.”

The date for the holiday, the fourth Sunday of November, was established by the Temple of the Black Messiah in Washington, D.C. African Americans in other cities, including Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Chicago, soon followed the example.


The celebration is based on five periods of African-American life, each represented by a color.

  1. Prior to Slavery – the color black, represents black families before slavery
  2. In Slavery – the color white, symbolizes the scattering blacks families during slavery
  3. Upon Emancipation – the color red, marks blacks’ liberation from slavery
  4. Struggle for Liberation – the color green, significances the struggle for civil rights and equality
  5. Looking to the Future – the color gold, points celebrants to hope for the future

Black African Infrastructre Organization- Should Blacks have their own Nation?

This is a very good video by Blogtalk host/Youtuber Mr Holipsism. He gives a great argument for black people having our own nation. He’s also part of the Black African Infrastructure Organization(BAIO).

Black African


This is a video by Kalagenesis. He’s also a member of BAIO. He’s a very intelligent brother. This video he’s speaking about black leadership and buying black. Here’s the link to his radio program:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kalanation

Here’s a little information about the organization.

We started in 2013 by building core business relationships with strategic partners. We continued to build on these relationships and establish trust, seeing each ally as having a piece of a greater puzzle. The KEY STRATEGY we have always operated under is one that is designed and engineered to create the environment as well as the force (both nudges and pushes) required to make our money go around in a circle within our community; making it “bounce” several times before it leaves. We cannot do that by suggestions and financial education alone. We understand that the main driver behind all of this is our relationships and our behavior. The KEY STRATEGY is individuals supporting businesses (pushing them forward), businesses supporting non-profits (pushing them forward), and non-profits supporting individuals (pushing them forward). Whether we give our energy to these in the form of money or time the result is still the same. There is much talk about how much spending power the Black Community has but this is no comfort until we actually harness and control that spending for ourselves and for the next generation. Our BWS2.0 products (Personal, Business, and Non-Profit) are designed to help provide the financial push while the Black Lion Society provides the Community and social infrastructure to take our economics to the next level.

BWS2.0 is a hybrid. We start with a membership-driven foundation which then helps us create a community of informed and educated and conscious black consumers who can then take part in different financial opportunities whether it is savings, investing, or online shopping. It is important that we build a brand that can we can all recognize and mention in our common everyday conversation. The more we do this, the more interest we can create, the more we can educate, and the more behavior can fall in line with the results we desire. In times past we have had little support from our black business community and vice versa. BWS2.0 is working to change this by creating an engine that helps everyone.

As much as we would like to tell you everything we can only tell you about the systems within the Economic Engine that have matured to the point that we can openly discuss them. While we do have a need for credit unions and other financial institutions we do not wish to confuse anyone with long-term goals and objectives that some people may thing are happening today. What should be the source of the greatest amount of pride is the fact that we are not alone and that the parts for this engine represent a number of different organizations, companies, and individuals just like you who want to collectively build a better tomorrow.