Transgender Agenda: Confusing Black Children


This is a picture(above) of famous comedian Flip Wilson.  He was a well known comedian back in the seventies.  He is dressed up as a character known as Geraldine.  I show this picture to show how long black men have been dressing in drag in Hollywood.   This agenda has been pushed in film and television for many years.  I think this is a bad influence on children.

Trans2... In the nineties there was drag queen/singer RuPaul pictured above. During that time you didn’t see too many black men in drag that were singers.  Although there were plenty dressed in drag in films and television shows.


This is actor Jaden Smith.  He is the son of actors Will Smith and Jada Smith.  This boy is wearing a dress.  He looks like a fool in this dress!  That’s a bad look for black children.  And definitely a bad role model for  black boys.


Now look at this clown.  This is Cordell Broadus.  He is the son of rapper Snoop Dogg.  Cordell used to play college football at UCLA.  I guess he’s trying to be a model now.  is he wearing a flower on his shirt??  Does he have on eye makeup?  I’m sure Snoop is really proud of his feminine looking son.


This is a picture of the white witch know as Charlize Theron.  This woman should be locked up for child abuse.  This creature has her black son David dressed a girl.  Who would do this to their child?  I’m sure she just adopted him as her pet.  There’s no love for this child.  He’s a walking social experiment!  Just causing more gender confusion to the minds of black youth.


On the left is NBA legend Magic Johnson.  On the right is his son EJ Johnson.  EJ likes to wear dresses,heels and put on makeup.  It’s sad that Magic has to pretend to be proud of his son.  I know he’s hurting inside.  He smiles for the cameras but it’s all an act.  No man wants to see his son in high heels.


Look at this black family.  In the picture is NBA legend Dwayne Wade and actress Gabrielle Union. The little baby is daughter Kaavia.  The older child is his 12 years old son Zaire.  Dwayne and Gabrielle have taken Zaire to gay pride parades.  Now Zaire says he wants to be called Zaya.  And Dwayne and Gabrielle condone this nonsense!  This is a BOY not a girl!  He is not old enough to decide if he wants to be child.  As parents they should have enough sense to denounce this madness.  I think some of these celebrities are told to make a sacrifice.  So they make the decision to give up their children to this homosexual/transgender agenda.  This makes me SICK!!!!!  Dwayne and Gabrielle are the ultimate sellouts!


In this picture(above) is a collage of black celebrities who have dressed as women.  You will see Martin Lawrence,Eddie Murphy,Kevin Hart,Wesley Snipes,Tyler Perry,Wayans brothers and Jamie Foxx.  This shows that they are trying to feminize black men.  This is an agenda to make a nation of sissies and destroy the divine masculine.  It started with films and sitcoms like Martin and In Living Color.  But now racist media has turned it up a notch.  Now they are trying to normalize it by showing famous black families with cross dressing children.  This is an attack on the black family,black manhood and black consciousness. Well here at Kushite Kingdom this behavior is not condoned! Don’t be scared to tell your family and friends that you are against it.  Let your voice be heard.  We are at WAR.  I hope you’re paying attention.

Black Male castration has never ended!

Castrated Slave....

This picture(above) is sick and very disturbing!  It shows the true nature of these depraved white demons that enslaved black people. It is a picture of a castrated black man.  We all know about the slavery,lynchings and rape of black women(and men) that went on during the Maafa. It truly was a holocaust in every sense of the word.  One of the atrocities that Europeans like to ignore is the castration of black men during this time.  They don’t like to bring this up too much.  It’s one of their horrors they like to keep buried.  But it’s the truth.  They were turning  black men into eunuchs. They treated us less than human!  Dogs,pigs and chickens were given more respect than us!  And the castration has never stopped.

Black Men in drag....

Dressing in drag....jpg

Now they are doing it through the media.  They’re doing it to us mentally through films and television shows. Look at all these pics(above) of black actors.  Actors like Eddie Murphy,Martin Lawrence,Jamie Foxx,Kevin Hart,Wesley Snipes and Tyler Perry have all dressed up like women.  These black actors and comedians have sold out for a dollar. They are destroying the image of black men.   This is just another process in the demasculinization of black men.  They are making black women seem more masculine yet at the same time making themselves look more feminine. America doesn’t want the black man to fight for his freedom and liberation.  They want a nation full of black homosexuals,transgenders and soft weak little boys.  They know that if we adopt this mentality we can never fight for our freedom.  Which is why this psychological warfare is so dangerous.  We must change our consciousness if we are to survive this mental onslaught.America doesn’t want strong intelligent masculine African men to be in our community.  So it’s a political and social necessity that they castrate the black man psychologically.

The Death of Black Manhood??

During NFL Draft Day Michael Sam was picked by the St. Louis Rams. He was on the phone and began crying when he realized he was drafted. I said to myself “when he gets picked he will kiss his gay lover”. Of course I was right. You’re probably wondering how did I know this. It’s not very hard to predict this type of thing if you’ve been watching American culture the last fifteen or so years. There has been a steady push by the media to get the masses to see homosexuality/lesbianism as “normal”. That’s why you see so many homosexuals in films,television sitcoms and commercials. Michael Sam came out to the public earlier this year. And also NBA player Jason Collins and WWE wrestler Darren Young announced last year that they were gay. What do these men have in common? They all happen to be black men. Isn’t it strange that all these “firsts” just happen to be black?? I’m sure there are some white and Hispanic athletes that are gay. Why aren’t they coming out? Where are they? Since many black people grow up in the church,we don’t typically accept this type of lifestyle. But many of us have gay people in our families. I have some in my family. Black people have always accepted gay people even in the church there have been gay members. We have been more accepting than most because we understand how painful discrimination can be. But just because we love the PERSON doesn’t mean we have to accept the ACT. And I’m not some crazy religious fanatic so don’t come at me with that nonsense. I personally don’t find it a normal act and I think it’s unnatural. And it’s something that shouldn’t be promoted in cartoons for children. I have caught subliminal messages in quite a few cartoons. They are trying to mold the minds of children. Much like they put out images of black inferiority in films and television as well. But gay and black are NOT the same thing. Our experience is not the same as theirs. Homosexuals didn’t suffer a holocaust like we did.
If you want to destroy the minds of a nation you don’t want them to grow up to be normal functioning warriors that can fight their oppression. The media has been trying to alter the image of black men for quite some time. The promotion of black men as homosexuals and dressing in drag is part of the plan. A nation of homosexuals are not a threat to the system of white supremacy. Which is why you see it so much. The goal is to reverse the roles of black men and women. Make the women more masculine and the men more feminine.
Martin Lawrence and Tyler Perry in drag. Strong warriors right?

Jamie Foxx as Wanda

Wil Smith
Will Smith kissing Kevin James in the film Hitch.
This is a war going on. And black people better wake the hell up! I know some of my followers are somewhat “pro-gay” and don’t think this is a big issue. Well I respectfully disagree. I say live and let live. I don’t think gay people should be stoned or thrown in jail for what they do in bed. I could care less. But when you want to push an agenda on the masses of my people and is anti-life and self destructive….I can NOT stand for that! And for the record,many Europeans are pushing the gay lifestyle heavy in Africa. Gay couples are even adopting African children. I’m not too fond of that either but I’ll save that for another post. And now they throw around the term homophobia to shame you if you disagree with them. I think scholar Mwalimu Baruti explained this very well.
“The political creation and use of the term ‘homophobia’ is a reactionary attempt to exercise power. It is an attempt by the homosexual community to gain control of global society through the manipulation of language to its political benefit. This is conceptual incarceration in action. Homophobia is defined as an ‘irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals. Like the use [of] the word ‘anti-Semitic’ by European Jews, words, actions and individuals arbitrarily defined by the homosexual community as anti-homosexual are effectively labeled homophobic.
“Calling a person homophobic makes him/her ignorant, nonthinking, prudish, judgmental or, worse, a backward, close minded peg retarding an otherwise progressive, liberal multisexual democracy. In truth and reality, close-minded means not being open or receptive to the European interpretation of reality. And specifically, with reference to us, just what is it that ‘closed-minded’ Afrikans are closed to? Obviously, not to what is best for us based on our ancestral interpretation of reality. The only thing that we are closed to is the absence of moral direction and spirit in the European realty. We reject the Western way of the world. And we refuse to be carted off in the seemingly directionless movement toward progress which we have identified as a natural cancer throughout the history of European culture.
“Homophobia is not the sickness. Homophilia is. The gradual public sanctioning and approval of branding noncompliant heterosexuals as primitive enables the homosexual front to indiscriminately stereotype and isolate their natural enemies. Heterosexuals intimidated by the threat of public and/or private censure readily acquiesce to their agenda.”The very existence of the word itself, like ‘anti-Semitism’ or ‘terroism,’ is a calculated move to place those thus accused on the defensive. What homosexuals seek is a shifting of the legitimate source for defining acceptable sexual realities from a polically factionalized mainstream into their hands. And, because of this, this word bears closer inspection…. To call people homophobic is to demonize them without qualification. Redemption, even if it were remotely desired by staunch heterosexuals, is not at issue. Classification as friend or foe is. The battle is waged on many fronts. The weapons range from proselytization to character assassination. But, unlike calling somone a ‘craka’ appending ‘phobic’ lends an air of scientific reasoning to this political accusation. For ‘phobia’ is defined as an irrational fear.
“It is important to see into the political advantage gained by homosexuals and their allies in using the homophobic label to intimidate their enemies. Unlike racist, sexist, ageist, paternalist and other ‘ists,’ where the accused is seen as only caught up in a tide of unethical or immoral thought and behavior, words like xenophobia, aracnophobia, zoophobia, nyctophobia, sciophobia and pantophobia carry a quite different connotation. The source of the fear is diagnosed as lying in the fearful individual and not the thing to which his/her fear is directed. The object of the fear is natural and usually harmless. Phobia is by far the more negative of the two because of what it implies about the mental state of an individual. It implies that the individual cannot distinguish reality from fiction or, at minimum, cannot see the normalcy in a naturally occurring phenomenon, person/group or thing. Only the phobic’s fear is deemed irrational and insane, not the thing it is directed at. It connotes more of an innate personal defect than a correctable error in judgment. The difference here is as profound and important as that between neurosis and psychosis or a misdemeanor and a felony.”
And I like the way the late great Del Jones breaks down the normalization of homosexuality.

“There is a movement toward the normalization of homosexuality in the nonEuropean world. European cultural imperialism is still in full force. In Afrika, it works through the neocolonial elite to enforce its homosexual will on the Continent using the same politico-economic tools that make their theft and privatization of huge tracks of land and resources there seem like no more than economic exchanges between political equals. Their cuts from Western loans, threats of covert military coups against their regimes, fear of embargoes against their countries’ tourism trade, undying attachment to investments in Western markets from generations of graft and anglophilic inducing eurocentric educations, are more than the encouragement negroes need to sell their people’s heterosexual tradition to the lowest bidder.”Just in 1999, a high court in Azania abolished all laws against homosexuality. With this ruling, males who had been found guilty of committing sodomy since 1994 could file for monetary compensation for time served and damages incurred as a result of their imprisonment. No judicial equivalent was meted out for the generations of Afrikans who slaved, and still slave, in the mines and homes of the European occupiers of their land. ‘Sodomites get all the rights.’ Sodomizers receive reparations before indigenous Azanians. Azania is but one Afrikan nation caught up in the crusade to make our world homosexual for Europeans. And turning the world homosexual makes homosexuality no different or more correct than making the world European. For they are one in the same evil.”Homosexuality is a strategically important resource. As Europe is a global nation of white people, it is a matter of national security…. In that the primary purpose of politics is the control and distribution of resources, homosexuality is a cultural resource. If the universal defense and sanction of one’s reality is based on its spread and presence among those not like you, then that spread and presence become politically important.”Their arrogant enlightenment of the rest of the world is still the motivation behind the homosexual component of their foreign aid and policy in general. Today, throughout Afrika, South America, the Caribbean and Asia, they are attaching the protection of homosexuality and its unbridled spread as a condition for receiving foreign aid. If the floodgates are not opened to the homosexualization of the population, then these countries become ineligible for the financial assistance supposedly designed to help in their recovery from Europe’s ongoing war against them.
“Sexual terrorism abounds. The work of homosexual mafia is evident everywhere. It is the politics of turning the world into their own personal whorehouse. Trinidad and Tobaga’s Trade and Industry Minister Mervyn Assam’s frustration at western homosexual intervention in domestic affairs says it all.
They want to Europeanize everything. They want to turn us into homosexuals…. They want countries who come to them for aid or grants or technical assistance, they want them to pass legislation so that homosexuality could become law. What has come to be called ‘homophobia’ by an extremely small but highly organized minority has been made into a human rights issue of international concern. Whether there is an absence or intolerance of homosexuality or not, these target nations are accused of sexual repression. Human rights are defined along European lines.National foreign aid policy relative to the forced homosexualization of nonEuropeans is no more than an extension for what could be called individual foreign aid.
Everyone has a right to their opinion. I just hope people respect mine. This is just an issue that I feel strong about. Mainly because I love my people and I feel as though this is an attack on the black collective. This lifestyle is not a part of black/African culture. And I think too many of out people are brainwashed by the media. There is no critical thinking involved. We can never accept the information of our oppressors. It’s easy to control the minds of the masses if you control what they see,hear and read. This is spiritual warfare we are in right now. I just don’t think many black people know what’s going on. I hope we wake up before it’s too late.

Tyler Perry in drag again? What a surprise!


I’m going to be blunt with you. I am not a big fan of Tyler Perry. I think too many of his films insult the intelligence of black people. But for some strange reason black people(mostly black women)love this films. And why not? Look at the awards he’s won for his buffoonery.

  • BET Comedy Awards
    • 2005, Outstanding Actor in a Theatrical Film (Diary of a Mad Black Woman)
    • 2005, Outstanding Writing for Theatrical Film (Diary of a Mad Black Woman)
  • Black Movie Awards
    • 2006, Outstanding Achievement in Screenwriting (Madea’s Family Reunion)
    • 2006, Outstanding Motion Picture (Madea’s Family Reunion)
    • 2005, Outstanding Achievement in Screenwriting (Diary of a Mad Black Woman)
    • 2005, Outstanding Motion Picture (Diary of a Mad Black Woman)
  • Black Reel Awards
    • 2008, Best Screenplay Original or Adapted (Meet the Browns)
    • 2008, Best Screenplay Original or Adapted (The Family That Preys)
    • 2007, Best Screenplay Original or Adapted (Madea’s Family Reunion)
    • 2005, Best Breakthrough Performance (Diary of a Mad Black Woman)
    • 2005, Best Screenplay Original or Adapted: (Diary of a Mad Black Woman)
  • Image Awards
    • 2009, Outstanding Directing in a Motion Picture or Television Movie (The Family That Preys)
    • 2008, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture (Why Did I Get Married?)
    • 2007, Outstanding Directing in a Motion Picture or Television Movie (Madea’s Family Reunion)
    • 2007, Outstanding Writing in a Motion Picture or Television Movie (Madea’s Family Reunion)

MTV Movie Awards

  • 2006, Best Comedic Performance (Madea’s Family Reunion)
  • 2006, Breakthrough Male Performance (Diary of a Mad Black Woman)                                                    Now don’t get me wrong. I love to see black people making money and being successful. But at what expense? Too many of his films portray black people as thugs,hustlers,crack heads,clowns and over the top buffoons. That also includes his television shows. About ten years ago I saw his play “Madea Goes to Jail”. I went with some family members. This was before he was a hit in Hollywood.It had a few laughs but it was not worth the money I paid for those tickets. The shucking and jiving seemed like I was in a time warp to the year 1910. I seriously wanted my money back. I also think Perry is a closet homosexual. And I wish he would just come out the closet and be done with it. While I’m thinking about it,Queen Latifah should come out also. (It’s okay Queen,we all know.) I’m tired of seeing black men dress up in drag. Everyone from from Flip Wilson,Wesley Snipes,Martin Lawrence,Chris Tucker,Charles Barkley,Shaquille O’Neal,Eddie Murphy and Carmelo Anthony have all did it. It’s kind of a rite of passage for black men in Hollywood. It shows the world that no matter how much money and fame you get–you’re still the white man’s bitch! We as black men should not stand for this nonsense anymore. If that’s what you have to do in Hollywood to make it–tell them you’ll make it another way.  I know some will say that Tyler was molested as a child and that’s the reason for his “female mannerisms”. So what! It’s still no excuse to dress up in drag every other film. If that wasn’t enough,he also produced that garbage disguised as film called “Precious”. Precious was one of the worst films I’ve EVER seen in my life. I lost total respect for him after that. Same goes for Oprah Winfrey for lending her name to that trash. Now he’s in another film called “Madea’s Witness Protection”.  From looking at the trailer there seems to be a lot of white folks in this one. I guess that means he’s finally made to the big time. And yes,he’s in drag again. How many times can we watch this before it’s not funny anymore? In the past I’ve supported his films just to support a fellow black man trying to make it. But there comes a time when skin color doesn’t matter anymore. We have to support brothers and sistas for doing what’s right. We can no longer support films that degrade us,insult us or support white supremacy.  Seeing black stereotypes over and over again starts to be a “drag”.