Missy Lynn


From a small city in Louisiana, Missy Lynn grew to love makeup by playing with  her grandmother’s lipsticks and eye shadow at a very young age, 3 years old. Looking pretty was one thing, but feeling pretty was more important to the young girl who would befriend all of the less fortunate kids at school, bring them back to her home, and give them makeovers and lots of fun snacks to make them feel better. With this, she saw how important changing and impacting someone’s life could be, so she made it her mission to always make a positive impact in people’s lives.

Missy Lynn began her pre-makeup career in high school, by becoming well known for beauty and fashion. All of the young girls wanted her to do their makeup and to give them insight on what products were worthy of their money. After graduating a year early from high school and enlisting into United States Air Force, Missy Lynn furthered her makeup career by doing makeup on the military base for the dependent wives, kids, and friends.

Missy Lynn would make frequent visits to the M.A.C. counter, so often, that all of the employees and managers knew her by name. She would help customers at the M.A.C counter without even being employed, which caught the attention of the Managers. They encouraged her to attend the MAC PRO classes, which eventually lead to her hugging and shaking hands of the regional and corporate employees. Missy Lynn soon landed a job as a Freelance Makeup Artist for M.A.C. Cosmetics

In 2008, Missy Lynn deployed to Balad, Iraq for 6 months, where even still she was all about her beauty. Missy Lynn was determined to keep her femininity, which most of the military women seemed to lack. She was adamant about at least keeping eyeliner and lip-gloss on, because she felt that wearing the military uniform hid the beauty of most women. 2 months into her deployment, Missy Lynn learned that her brother was shot and killed in Louisiana, which affected her very badly; she had become very isolated and depressed. Upon her return back to the states, Missy Lynn turned to YouTube to help her cope with her depression. She watched other young women teach about makeup and review products, and decided to start her own channel as a way to express without words.

In late 2010, Missy Lynn began sharing her knowledge about cosmetics by starting a YouTube channel, in hopes to find inspiration and encouragement to help cope with the dark times in her life. She began recording makeup beauty tutorials, product review videos, and tags to help pass time, and keep her mind off of her brother’s death. By mid 2011, Missy Lynn had a subscriber base of 20,000 people, all whom looked up to her and came to her channel for inspiration and encouragement—the exact same thing Missy Lynn had been seeking all along.  Missy Lynn also landed advertisement jobs with companies who watched her videos, and bloggers were also featuring her on their online blogs.


In 2012, Missy Lynn’s second brother passed away in a car accident, which affected her again; Only this time…she had a subscriber base of 60,000 who all motivated her to keep pushing and to keep her head up. They told her that she had encouraged them and impacted their lives in way she wouldn’t have even expected, and told her that there was a light at the end of her dark tunnel. With those words, Missy Lynn recouped and made a strong recovery for the year 2013. She promised herself and subscribers that 2013 would be a different year. She claimed it—She’s living it.

With 2013 coming to a mere end, Missy Lynn has racked up 140,000 subscribers. She recently won the 2013 NYX FACE AWARDS, and has been crowned the Beauty Blogger of the Year. She has had multiple opportunities to work with Essence, Vibe, and Ebony Magazine, BeautyLish, several cosmetic brands such as: BH Cosmetics, Jordana, Too Faced, NYX Cosmetics, etc. She has also had blog articles of her recent win placed in the Los Angeles Times online paper, in a web exclusive feature by The Makeup Artist Magazine, Beauty Launch Pad, and more.

Missy Lynn, a young active duty military enlistee, makeup artist, and Beauty/Lifestyle Ambassador is a walking testimony of trials and tribulation being overcame; she is the example of motivation, determination, and dedication. Her mission is to instill these traits into everyone that crosses her path, and with her knowledge of life experience, beauty, fashion, and more—she’s willing to impact whomever’s life she can; even YOURS.

Devils Among Us: Biggest Slave Owners


  1. Col. Joshua John Ward of Georgetown, South Carolina: 1,130 slaves.
  2. Dr. Stephen Duncan of Issaquena, Mississippi: 858 slaves.
  3. John Burneside of Ascension, Louisiana: 753 slaves; Saint James: 187 slaves. Sugar plantations.
  4. Meredith Calhoun of Rapides, Louisiana: 709 slaves. Sugar and cotton plantations.
  5. William Aiken of Colleton, South Carolina: 700 slaves.
  6. Gov. John L. Manning of Ascension, Louisiana: 670 slaves. Sugar.
  7. Col. Joseph A. S. Acklen of West Feliciana, Louisiana: 659 slaves. 6 cotton plantations.
  8. Gov. Robert Francis Withers Allston of Georgetown, South Carolina: 631 slaves.
  9. Joseph Blake of Beaufort, South Carolina: 575 slaves.
  10. John Robinson of Madison, Mississippi: 550 slaves.
  11. Jerrett Brown of Sumter, Alabama: 540 slaves.
  12. Arthur Blake of Charleston, South Carolina: 538 slaves.
  13. John J. Middleton of Beaufort, South Carolina: 530 slaves.
  14. Elisha Worthington of Chicot, Arkansas: 529 slaves.
  15. Daniel Blake of Colleton, South Carolina: 527 slaves.
  16. J. C. Jenkins of Wilkinson, Mississippi: 523 slaves.
  17. J. Harleston Read of Georgetown, South Carolina: 511 slaves.
  18. John Butler of McIntosh, Georgia: 505 slaves.
  19. Charles Heyward of Colleton, South Carolina: 491 slaves.
  20. Alfred V. Davis, Concordia, Louisiana: 500+ slaves. 4 Cotton plantations.
  21. O. J. Morgan, Carroll, Louisiana: 500+ slaves. 4 Cotton plantations.
  22. Levin R. Marshall, Concordia (2), Louisiana: 248 slaves. Madison (1), 236 slaves. Cotton.
  23. D. F. Kenner, Ascension, Louisiana: 473 slaves. Sugar.
  24. R. R. Barrow, Lafourche, Louisiana: 74 slaves; Terrebonne: 399 slaves. Sugar.
  25. Mrs. Mary C. Stirling/Sterling, Pointe Coupee (2), Louisiana: 338 slaves. Sugar. West Feliciana: 127 slaves. Cotton.

This video pretty much speaks for itself.  It shows some of the biggest slave owners in America. It shows how America was built from the blood,sweat and tears of black people.  And they wonder why many of us are still in poverty.  What would you expect??  You work for hundreds of years with NO payment. Reparations should have been paid a long time ago.

Toni Lee Adams (Athlete Wife edition)

Toni Lee Adams...

Toni Lee Adams is the wife of NFL player Mike Adams Jr. Michael Adams, Jr. plays cornerback for the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was signed by the Arizona Cardinals as an undrafted free agent in 2007. He played college football at Louisiana-Lafayette. On June 19, 2013, Adams signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Denise Boutte


Denise Boutte was born on January 19, 1982 in Maurice, Louisiana, USA. While growing up in the small town of Maurice, Louisiana, Denise Boutté dreamed a more practical dream of becoming a doctor, while conquering the “mystical” place called Hollywood and becoming a film and TV star never really crossed her mind. After obtaining a degree in Mass Communications from Louisiana State University, Denise’s creative intuition led her to the world of advertising where she quickly climbed the ranks as a respected account executive, then manager at leading Dallas, Texas-based advertising agencies, tending to the clients of various brands including Pampers, Fossil, Mary Kay Cosmetics, among others. While overseeing commercial and photo shoots for her clients’ campaigns, Denise was introduced to life “on-set” and became fascinated by the endless possibilities this new world offered.After being approached by a local talent agent, Denise found herself in front of the lens for a variety of print and commercial campaigns. A chance introduction landed her a talent manager in Hollywood, and Denise decided to take a leap of faith, packed her bags and headed West.

Before long, Denise emerged as one of Hollywood’s busiest new faces, highlighted with guest and recurring roles on numerous popular TV shows, including Boston Legal, Everybody Hates Chris, Days of Our Lives and Girlfriends to name a few.On the big screen, Denise teamed up with entertainment pioneer, Tyler Perry, as “Trina” alongside Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Richard T. Jones and the star studded cast of Lionsgate’s  Why Did I Get Married. Impressed with her chops and on-camera presence, Perry created the character of Sasha Brown, the fun-loving yet convicted voice of reason on the highly rated and now syndicated TV series, Meet the Browns. 2014 started out with a Bang as Boutté starred in UpTv’s highest trending premiere of Where’s the Love, also in the can are films, The Bounce Back, starring alongside Criminal Minds & Young & The Restless heartthrob, Shemar Moore and The Choir Director, a screenplay based on the best selling novel, written by New York Times Best Selling Author, Carl Weber.Also be on the watch for her starring role as Ketren Hargrove in comedy In Full Bloom, which she co-produces alongside creator, and former producer/writer of The Parkers and Martin, Stacey Evans Morgan, Reality Series Swamp Kings and cooking show “Denise’s Dish” currently in development under her Imagine That Productions, Inc. banner!