Louis Farrakhan says Black people are cursed! Is he crazy??

This video of Louis Farrakhan is very disturbing. I think he must be losing his mind. He claims that black people are “marked” because of rebelling against God. He says that we didn’t always have kinky hair,thick lips and a broad nose. He says we are “disfigured” because God hates us. How insane is that? This sounds like a new version of the curse of Ham from the Bible. Farrakhan is teaching self hatred and white supremacy. This speech sounds like something the KKK would agree with. He should be ashamed of himself! I don’t mean to offend any Muslims. But if you’re in the nation of Islam then you need to speak out against such teachings. I can’t believe Farrakhan would stoop this low.Listening to this made me sick to my stomach. And what’s scarier,is the fact that the audience seems to be in agreement! This is shameful!