Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 23(Jerry Rice)


I used to love watching NFL player Jerry Rice.  He was an amazing player for the San Francisco 49ers. He was the type of player I knew would automatically go into the NFL Hall of Fame.  I honestly don’t expect much from many athletes today.But like a lot of black athletes  he has no racial pride.  But this man has took coonery and buffoonery to new heights.  Have any of you seen his commercial for Popeye’s Chicken?  This was so damn pathetic!  I was in total shock that a black man would do a commercial like this!  A taste mask???  Is this Negro serious??

Jerry Rice has no dignity at all.  And if he did it is long gone.  Any black man with self respect would never buck dance for fried chicken and biscuits.  You are a pathetic fool Jerry!  I will never support anything you do.  You deserve to go into the Buffoonery Hall of Fame for this foolishness.

Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 5(Black-ish)

You hear black people talk about the fact that there’s not a lot of positive images of us on television. Remember back in the 80’s when we had shows like The Cosby Show. Shows that showed us in a more positive light. Well ABC wants to show us that they are all about diversity. Joining their fall lineup is the show,Black-ish. No I’m not joking. That’s the actual name of the show. The shows stars Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross has husband and wife. They are a successful black family raising their four kids. The show is described as a “comedy”. Ill let you be the judge if it is or not. Laurence Fishburne plays the father of Anderson’s character. Anderson and Fishburne are both executive producers. I think they could have done a better job than this. This sitcom seems a bit corny and the jokes are stale. the premise is that because they live in a big house with nice cars and nice clothes—they have lost touch with their “blackness” This worries the father. So he tries to get his family to embrace their African roots. Not a bad idea right? But you know how Hollyweird operates. It’s not taken seriously at all. The eldest son is so out of touch with being black he wants to have a bar mitzvah. So the dad suggests that he have a “Bro Mitzvah”. Get it? Hilarious right? At one point in the trailer they are referred to as “the mythical and majestic Black family”. What? So the black family is a myth?? Not a reality? At a time when black people are still mentally enslaved and don’t know anything about their culture,heritage and identity—this sitcom is insulting! Not knowing who you are or your history is NOT funny in my eyes. You may agree or disagree with me. I’m open to hear various opinions. Watch the trailer and tell me what you think. I’m putting this in the buffoonery category.

Is this how Black People are seen on Mexican TV shows?

I always thought blacks and browns went through the same struggles because of racism. I guess that’s partly true. However,as I get older I’ve met Mexicans who had a lot of hatred for black people. Just like black people,they seem to have a colorism issue in their community as well.I wish we could find some type of solidarity with our brown brothers and sisters. But that’s going to be very difficult when they have television shows in Mexico that insult and degrade black people. Little Mexican children watch these shows–I wonder what image of black people they have after watching this garbage. Hmmmmmm…what do you think?