Farce of July- This Holiday has nothing to do with Black people!

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Fourth of July: Whose Independence?


Is the Fourth of July a holiday for black people?  I know many black people that call off work to celebrate it.  They talk about doing fireworks,having barbecues and eating food with family and friends.  But while many are eating unhealthy hot dogs and burgers…is there a deeper meaning behind this day. Is it a time for celebration?  Weren’t our people in chains? What does this so-called holiday mean for African people?  The video(above) is by Youtuber The Great Griot.  She gives a great history lesson on the Fourth of July.  You may find some of her information educational.




Happy 4th of July! Now get back to work Boy!!

Happy 4
Independence?? Your ancestors were slaves in 1776. So what independence are you celebrating? Make sure you do your research and know what these “holidays” are really about. Don’t just believe his-story books you read in school.