Gay Struggle is not the Black Struggle

This is a lecture that Umar Johnson recently had in Kansas City. During the Q&A he is confronted by a black woman from the LGBT community. She begins to question him on his stance against homosexuality. The woman looks like a biracial woman. I’m a little concerned about this because it seems sometimes biracial people have divided loyalties. You never know what side of the fence they will be on. The debate gets pretty heated at one point. The woman challenges him on hate speech,mental illness,homophobia and racism.But in the end Umar puts her in check! He answers all her questions. I think this woman is an agent. Most likely a plant sent to disrupt his lecture. This looks like Cointelpro all over again. Just my personal opinion. I actually enjoyed the back and forth. He explains to her that the gay struggle is not the same as the black struggle. He makes it plain and simple. Check out the video and let me know what you think. Who do you agree with? Umar or the woman?