Nandi Mngoma


Nandi Mngoma was born on March 20,1988.  She is one of South Africa’s most well loved celebrities. An enormously talented musician and actress who has already worked with a host of big brands both locally and internationally, it is perhaps Nandi’s humble perspective on her celebrity status coupled with a professionalism and inner drive to use her influence for the greater good, that sets her apart.

Nandi has a true appreciation for her massive fan-base and takes seriously the effect role models have – especially among young South African women who follow her life daily on social media. An advocate for being comfortable in your own skin and celebrating
your uniqueness, her wide appeal is of a quintessentially positive nature. An example of this is Nandi’s signature short afro hair, which
has inspired many women to wear their hair naturally and forgo weaves and the like.

A shrewd businesswoman who has enjoyed numerous successes in her glamorous career to date, Nandi is also passionate about celebrating African women and encouraging them to follow their dreams. Equality and education are two of her passion points because of the ultimate freedom and success they can enable. Nandi therefore relishes opportunities to endorse and support such worthy causes.

An undeniable talent in the entertainment industry is certainly a key dimension of the Nandi Mngoma brand. Her ease with being in the spotlight started from a young age, with Nandi winning Miss Junior South Africa at age 8. Numerous wins at various regional and national dancing and singing talent shows followed during her early teens until her first TV gig at age 15, when Nandi landed a presenter spot on SABC 2 kids show called Bling!, which she did for the next 2 years.


During that time she also made appearances in various magazines and newspapers and accepted an opportunity as a Woolworths ambassador, MC’ing for their campaigns. A few other TV appearances later, Nandi featured as a vocalist on the hit single “Tonight” by DJ Franky in 2011. The video includes appearances by DJ Fresh and Nonhle Thema and has played on various national radio stations and SABC 1’s Live, Club Culture, Channel O, CrazE, MTV Base and Soweto TV. The hit single also made the charts for Ukhozi FM, Gagasi FM, Metro FM, Kent’s Ultimix and No.1 on Euphonik’s My House 5FM respectively.

In 2012, Nandi signed with Universal Music and released her self-titled Debut Album “NANDI”. Tracks from this album feature on DJ Kent’s album and the track titled “Good Times” has recently been remixed by Zakes Bantwini. Following her departure from Universal, Nandi has been back in the studio for a number of exciting projects – one of these was her hugely popular duet entitled “Dance” with Zakes Bantwini last year. Launched on Freedom Day, 27 April, the inspiration for the track was to get Africans to unite in song and dance. 2015 also saw Nandi link up with K.O from SA’s Cashtime Life crew, for the super catchy hip-hop come R&B ballad
“Skhanda Love”, which included a cool story-based music video.

Bern Nadette Stanis(Old School Edition)

Bernadette Stanis1

Bern Nadette Stanis was born on December 22,1953. She grew up in the borough of Brooklyn, New York in a working class neighborhood.

As anyone could tell from her role as Thelma Evans, Stanis is also talented dancer as well as an actress. Who can ever forget that dance she did in the wine-colored bodysuit to the tune of Native New Yorker?

She was trained and graduated from the prestigious Julliard School, and she was one of many alumni who went on to make her alma mater proud, as well as prove its strength.

The pinnacle of Bern Nadette Stanis’ career was no doubt her stint on Good Times.

Throughout her time as Thelma Evans, Stanis showed the world that a kid from the ghetto had hopes, and dreams just like anybody else.

Bern Nadette also took her role as a role model a step further by also demonstrating that a girl from the ghetto could have class and values, the sort of things that money simply cannot buy.

Her character dealt with such issues as teenage sex, teen pregnancy, underage drinking, and everyday teenage issues, and she handled each situation with grace and class.

After the show ended in 1979, She mostly retired from the limelight, but she made appearances on shows like The Cosby Show, The Love Boat, The Parent ‘Hood, and the What’s Happening revival series, What’s Happening Now.


Most people do not know that Bern Nadette Stanis was actually 20 years old when Good Times premiered, and she was almost 26 when it ended; she still maintains her youthful appearance even today as she approaches 60 years of age.

She has authored a book called Bern Nadette Stanis Situations 101, it was published in 2006 and it is much like a collection of “Dear Abby” letters, but answered instead by our Dear Bern Nadette.

She made a recent television appearance in 2010 on an episode of the TV One series that showcases black actors from the 1970s, Way Black When.

Most recently, she sat down on the couch with the women of The View (September 2011)and she discussed her career and upcoming projects.

Bern Nadette Stanis has already left her mark on Television History and Black History, and hopefully, there is a lot more to come from this beautiful and talented black actress.

Judy Pace (Old School Edition)

Judy Pace

Actress Judy Pace Flood was born Judy Pace on June 15, 1942, in Los Angeles, California. Attending Marvin Avenue Elementary School, and Louis Pastuer Junior High School, Pace graduated from Dorsey High School in 1960. Trained in modeling by her sister, Betty, Pace auditioned for the Ebony Fashion Fair and became the youngest model for the show’s 1961 to 1962 national tour.

In 1963 Pace auditioned for Columbia Pictures and was cast in William Castle’s horror film The Candyweb. Pace played a regular role in the 1969 season of Peyton Place and went on to appear in many other shows, including Batman, Bewitched, The Flying Nun, I Spy, The Young Lawyers, The Mod Squad, That’s My Mama, Sanford and Son, What’s Happening?, Good Times, and Sucker Free City.. Cast in Billy Wilder’s The Fortune Cookie in 1966, Pace also played roles in the movies Three in the Attic, The Thomas Crown Affair, and the acclaimed TV movie Brian’s Song. In 1970, Pace won acclaim for her role as Iris in the Ossie Davis directed Cotton Comes to Harlem; in 1973, she played Adelaide in a Las Vegas production of Guys and Dolls.

Judy Pace2

Pace married Ironsides actor Don Mitchell in 1972 and took time out for civic duties and to raise her two children during the 1980s. Divorced from Mitchell in 1986, Pace then married baseball’s Curt Flood. Since Flood’s death in 1997, Pace acted as a major spokesperson for his role in establishing free agency in professional sports. Pace founded the Kwanzaa Foundation with Nichelle Nichols.