Devils Among Us : Margaret Sanger

This is a new series I’m starting called Devils Among Us. Much like my Tales of Buffoonery series. Although this series will focus on people who have tried to kill,rape,enslave and subjugate black people at every turn. These soulless miscreants need to be exposed. I want people to know who they are.This will include people from the past as well as the present. I will try to inform you on some people you may not have heard about. Our first candidate is Margaret Sanger. She was the founder of Planned Parenthood. She was also a big Fan of Adolf Hitler. Hillary Clinton looks at Sanger as one of her heroes. That should tell you a little bit about Ms Clinton right? Check out the video and let me know what you think of this demonic she-devil. Also I’m open to any suggestions you may have on some future candidates. Enjoy the video and educate yourself on who your open enemies really are. More to come…..


Propaganda is a form of War: Destroying the Black Mind

In this video Amos Wilson explains how America promotes violence. How also how America was founded on criminality. It’s at the very base of American culture. American television and films have a way of making the oppressors seems like the victims. You have to have a keen awareness to catch and understand the propaganda at work. Propaganda is a form of war. Hitler used it in Germany. And America seems to have learned from his methods. You see the propaganda in films,commercials,books,sitcoms and cartoons. in my opinion,I believe propaganda is a big part of brainwashing the masses. It does a great job to instill backwards thinking and self hatred. Considering that black people are not in control of the media this puts us at a very big disadvantage. This leaves us open to accept anti-blackness on a large scale. we don’t control any of the negative images that are spoon fed to us.

As the video above clearly shows you—negative black stereotypes have been used for over 100 years. This does great damage to the black mind. It can create a deep form of self hatred. Sitting in front of the television causes many of us to turn into mindless zombies. We become vegetables with no self awareness and pride in ourselves.


In this video Umar Johnson breaks down how propaganda is a military strategy. And how many black people are totally oblivious to this method of warfare. Much like Hitler did the Jews,this is usually done to condition the masses to hate a group of people. Once you get the masses to hate a group of people,it is much easier to exterminate that group. No one will care because the majority will look up that group as “less than” or “sub human”.  This should cause great concern for our people. This is one of the reasons black people continue to play maids,butlers,hookers,sluts,pimps,drug dealers,homosexual men and prison inmates. It’s a way to brainwash us to always see ourselves in a negative light. And this always brainwashes our children so the next generation will hate themselves as well. So we get shows like Empire,Orange is the New Black,Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. All these shows promote one or more of the negative stereotypes I mentioned. Some people have the nerve to say there is no agenda at hand. These people are fools! Or they are being incredibly dishonest. There is a clear agenda to destroy the minds of black people. To destroy our souls and our humanity. There are those who think television shows are just entertainment. These people are very naive and don’t know how the world really operates. I’ve been doing research on mind control,propaganda,psychology for over fifteen years. believe me,I know what I’m talking about. But for those of you who don’t want to hear it….it’s okay go back to sleep. The rest of us will be on the battlefield.

Self Hatred