Black Male castration has never ended!

Castrated Slave....

This picture(above) is sick and very disturbing!  It shows the true nature of these depraved white demons that enslaved black people. It is a picture of a castrated black man.  We all know about the slavery,lynchings and rape of black women(and men) that went on during the Maafa. It truly was a holocaust in every sense of the word.  One of the atrocities that Europeans like to ignore is the castration of black men during this time.  They don’t like to bring this up too much.  It’s one of their horrors they like to keep buried.  But it’s the truth.  They were turning  black men into eunuchs. They treated us less than human!  Dogs,pigs and chickens were given more respect than us!  And the castration has never stopped.

Black Men in drag....

Dressing in drag....jpg

Now they are doing it through the media.  They’re doing it to us mentally through films and television shows. Look at all these pics(above) of black actors.  Actors like Eddie Murphy,Martin Lawrence,Jamie Foxx,Kevin Hart,Wesley Snipes and Tyler Perry have all dressed up like women.  These black actors and comedians have sold out for a dollar. They are destroying the image of black men.   This is just another process in the demasculinization of black men.  They are making black women seem more masculine yet at the same time making themselves look more feminine. America doesn’t want the black man to fight for his freedom and liberation.  They want a nation full of black homosexuals,transgenders and soft weak little boys.  They know that if we adopt this mentality we can never fight for our freedom.  Which is why this psychological warfare is so dangerous.  We must change our consciousness if we are to survive this mental onslaught.America doesn’t want strong intelligent masculine African men to be in our community.  So it’s a political and social necessity that they castrate the black man psychologically.

Kushite Kingdom Awards 2016



Welcome to the first Kushite Kingdom Awards! I usually deal with a lot of current events and topics my subscribers like to discuss.  But I’m not serious all the time.  I like to laugh and joke around like everyone else.  So I thought I would do something a little fun.  I also wanted to show a token of appreciation to all the black bloggers who have given me great information and food for thought. It’s a real battle out here in the blogosphere. And I appreciate all the words of encouragement from fellow bloggers.    This is not a real competition.  This is all meant in fun.  As you will see from some of the categories. But let me know your picks in the categories.  If enough people like this awards edition I may make it an annual event. So be sure to cast your votes and add anyone to the list I may have left out. My apologies to anyone that didn’t make the list.  Don’t hold it against me.  I appreciate all my subscribers. Peace.




Nat Turner Award-Favorite Male Blogger

1.Land of Kam

2. Onitaset Kumat

3.Black My Story

4.Nidotopian Warrior

5.Lumumba Afrika

6.Hung Like Jesus


8.Aniga Shakur

9.Amos Magazine

10. Melanated Man

11. AfrikaNeeds

12. Wyzedome


Harriet Tubman Award-Favorite Female Blogger

  1. Diary of a Negress
  2. TruthAngel07
  3. Kelley
  4. Original Black Woman
  5. Sunny D
  6. Malaika Mutere
  7. Roshumba Monique
  8. Trojan Pam
  9. Shelby Courtland
  10. Tired Sista
  11. C.C. Saunders
  12. Cree7

Favorite Post by a Male Blogger

  1. Globalization and Religion of Scarcity- BlackMyStory
  2. War on Black People Part 1:Education- Black Eyebawse
  3. An Ode to the Lost Children-Nidotopian Warrior
  4. So What is Human?- One Tawny Stanger
  5. The Black Man-Black Woman Relationship-Melanated Man
  6. Black & Brown Coalition- Authentic African Vanguard
  7. Eyes a Free Man Massa!- Cliff Green
  8. People trying to escape their Ancestry-Afrika Needs
  9. The Rape of Horus- Hugh Cipher
  10. They care more about Harambe than Michael Brown- 4th Angels Bowl

Favorite Post by a Female Blogger

  1. Manifestation for a New Mother- Tahtahme
  2. Hillary Clinton,A Nasty Woman!- Shelby Courtland
  3. The Beast and The Goddess-Roshumba Monique
  4. Locked,Stocked and Ready to Roll- Diary of a Negress
  5. Lipstick and Heels: Black Business Spotlight- C.C. Saunders
  6. Is the Roots remake a History Lesson-Trojan Pam
  7. Mother-Kelley
  8. The White Bitch!-TruthAngel07
  9. Original Black Beauties of the Day- Original Black Woman
  10. Vital Note to Melanin People- Queen Adira


Favorite Musician

1.Watoto from the Nile

2.United Front


4. Richard Raw

5.Maafa Sankofa

6.Tahir RBG



Most Beautiful Female Blogger

  1. Nekisha Lewis
  2. Sunny D.
  3. Kelley
  4. Chantel Keona
  5. Jeanette Ayala
  6. Eileen Dautruche
  7. Malaika Mutere


Best Athlete

  1. Lebron James
  2. Derrick Rose
  3. Serena Williams
  4. Usain Bolt
  5. Allyson Felix
  6. Floyd Mayweather



Most Beautiful Black Woman

  1. Sira Kante
  2. Yaya DaCosta
  3. Emayatzy Corinealdi
  4. Teyana Taylor
  5. Nandi Mngoma
  6. Lesliana Pereira
  7. Nomzamo Mbatha
  8. DeWanda Wise
  9. Simone Missisk
  10. Lerato Kganyago


Most Outspoken Mulatto

1.Colin Kaepernick

2.Jesse Williams

3. Zaza Ali

4. J. Cole

5. Barack Obama

Favorite Sellout Buffoon

1.Kodak Black(watch the video)

2. Roland Martin(Buck danced with Hillary Clinton)

3. Lil Wayne (said ne never experienced racism)

4.Mary J. Blige(singing to Hillary Clinton)

5. Stephen A. Smith(always defends white supremacy,attacks black people)

Biggest Interracial Sellout

  1. Tika Sumpter(white baby daddy)
  2. Eddie Murphy(white baby mama)
  3. Alfre Woodard(white husband)
  4. Nate Parker (white wife)
  5. Charles Barkley(white wife)

Tomi Lahren...jpg

Most Honest White Supremacist

1.Tomi Lahren

2. Hillary Clinton

3.Donald Trump

4. Ann Coulter

5. Sean Hannity


Best Impersonation of a Black Person

  1. Shaun King
  2. Kim Kardashian
  3. Iggy Azalea
  4. Rachel Dolezal
  5. Robin Thicke



Biggest threat to Black Liberation and Unity

1.Interracial Marriage

2. Feminism

3. Homosexual Agenda


5. Negrophobia(Black self hatred)

6. Fake Black Leaders

7. All of the above


Lifetime Coon Achievement Award: Morgan Freeman (Honorable mention: Charles Barkley,Don Lemon and Jesse Lee Peterson)



The Interracial Madness- The Trophy White Woman(Part 1 of 3)

Great interview with author Paul Ifayomi Grant. This interview he touches on the subject of the “trophy white woman”.  And  why many black men with success choose to marry them. It’s a subject I’ve covered before but can’t be brought up enough. Interracial promotion and the gay agenda big issues being pushed on us heavily. He also brings up a great argument on why interracial relationships are not good for black people.  A touchy subject for some but it’s  a topic we must address. Mainly because many black people see it as a way to escape their blackness.

White girl..

“It is not about any particular individual or designed to hurt people’s feelings. It is about the politics, psychology and sociology of miscegenation with a particular emphasis on the politics. It is about understanding how a group of people with POWER, who call themselves ‘White’, use that POWER to control the sexual relationships of another less-POWERFUL group of people, who they call ‘Black’. It is about POWER and the wielding of POWER in aid of White Supremacy.”



Music producer Quincy Jones married white actress Peggy Lipton way back in the seventies. I guess once he got rich he needed his trophy by his side.

OJ Simpson..

Of course we can’t forget football legend OJ Simpson. OJ’s first wife was black but they got divorced and he eventually got his trophy.  He didn’t work out too well for him.  I wonder what he thinks of that decision now.


Film legend Sidney Poitier was an inspiration to black people in the sixties and seventies.  He was a real film icon. He is another one that had a black wife in the beginning…but once again dumped her and married a white women. What is it about this trophy complex? It’s  almost like some of these guys don’t feel complete without the love of a white woman.


And we can’t leave out NBA legend(self hating Coon)Charles Barkley.  You know you must have a serious case of self-hatred if you can walk around with this creature and call it a “trophy”.  Come on Chuck!  Wake the hell up fool!

Eddie Murphy...

Come on Eddie Murphy! This is so wrong! LOL!

Here’s a related post I did a few years ago.  You may find it of interest.


Tyler Perry in drag again? What a surprise!


I’m going to be blunt with you. I am not a big fan of Tyler Perry. I think too many of his films insult the intelligence of black people. But for some strange reason black people(mostly black women)love this films. And why not? Look at the awards he’s won for his buffoonery.

  • BET Comedy Awards
    • 2005, Outstanding Actor in a Theatrical Film (Diary of a Mad Black Woman)
    • 2005, Outstanding Writing for Theatrical Film (Diary of a Mad Black Woman)
  • Black Movie Awards
    • 2006, Outstanding Achievement in Screenwriting (Madea’s Family Reunion)
    • 2006, Outstanding Motion Picture (Madea’s Family Reunion)
    • 2005, Outstanding Achievement in Screenwriting (Diary of a Mad Black Woman)
    • 2005, Outstanding Motion Picture (Diary of a Mad Black Woman)
  • Black Reel Awards
    • 2008, Best Screenplay Original or Adapted (Meet the Browns)
    • 2008, Best Screenplay Original or Adapted (The Family That Preys)
    • 2007, Best Screenplay Original or Adapted (Madea’s Family Reunion)
    • 2005, Best Breakthrough Performance (Diary of a Mad Black Woman)
    • 2005, Best Screenplay Original or Adapted: (Diary of a Mad Black Woman)
  • Image Awards
    • 2009, Outstanding Directing in a Motion Picture or Television Movie (The Family That Preys)
    • 2008, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture (Why Did I Get Married?)
    • 2007, Outstanding Directing in a Motion Picture or Television Movie (Madea’s Family Reunion)
    • 2007, Outstanding Writing in a Motion Picture or Television Movie (Madea’s Family Reunion)

MTV Movie Awards

  • 2006, Best Comedic Performance (Madea’s Family Reunion)
  • 2006, Breakthrough Male Performance (Diary of a Mad Black Woman)                                                    Now don’t get me wrong. I love to see black people making money and being successful. But at what expense? Too many of his films portray black people as thugs,hustlers,crack heads,clowns and over the top buffoons. That also includes his television shows. About ten years ago I saw his play “Madea Goes to Jail”. I went with some family members. This was before he was a hit in Hollywood.It had a few laughs but it was not worth the money I paid for those tickets. The shucking and jiving seemed like I was in a time warp to the year 1910. I seriously wanted my money back. I also think Perry is a closet homosexual. And I wish he would just come out the closet and be done with it. While I’m thinking about it,Queen Latifah should come out also. (It’s okay Queen,we all know.) I’m tired of seeing black men dress up in drag. Everyone from from Flip Wilson,Wesley Snipes,Martin Lawrence,Chris Tucker,Charles Barkley,Shaquille O’Neal,Eddie Murphy and Carmelo Anthony have all did it. It’s kind of a rite of passage for black men in Hollywood. It shows the world that no matter how much money and fame you get–you’re still the white man’s bitch! We as black men should not stand for this nonsense anymore. If that’s what you have to do in Hollywood to make it–tell them you’ll make it another way.  I know some will say that Tyler was molested as a child and that’s the reason for his “female mannerisms”. So what! It’s still no excuse to dress up in drag every other film. If that wasn’t enough,he also produced that garbage disguised as film called “Precious”. Precious was one of the worst films I’ve EVER seen in my life. I lost total respect for him after that. Same goes for Oprah Winfrey for lending her name to that trash. Now he’s in another film called “Madea’s Witness Protection”.  From looking at the trailer there seems to be a lot of white folks in this one. I guess that means he’s finally made to the big time. And yes,he’s in drag again. How many times can we watch this before it’s not funny anymore? In the past I’ve supported his films just to support a fellow black man trying to make it. But there comes a time when skin color doesn’t matter anymore. We have to support brothers and sistas for doing what’s right. We can no longer support films that degrade us,insult us or support white supremacy.  Seeing black stereotypes over and over again starts to be a “drag”.