World Cup Racism! Wouldn’t be Brazil without it!

World Cup
Brazil racism1

It must be a rule that whenever one or more minority is gathered together in an activity weakly scattered with minorities then racism will occur. That sounds a lot better than saying when millions of heavily drunk and rowdy European/Caucasian people are attending a sporting event that racism will occur. Certainly that type of behavior could not happen at a prestigious event like the World Cup. But according to Yahoo Sports, it did and quite a couple of times as well.
During the Germany-Ghana match, a fan ran onto the field, shirtless, sporting a Pro-Nazi message all across his body. Apparently no security attempted to stop him as the guy ran through the match while it was going on. In fact, the fan was escorted by Ghana midfielder Sulley Muntari.
Brazil Bigot

Unfortunately this was not the only incident of bigotry in the World Cup. There were reports made to FIFA about several neo-nazi signs seen throughout the stadium. In addition to the signs, two soccer fans were spotted wearing blackface makeup and wearing white T-Shirts that read “Ghana”.
Brazil racism2
Those reports were actually made by an anti-discrimination group known as the Fare network, which stands for “Football against racism in Europe.”

It is quite a shame that racism felt it was so welcome into an event such as the World Cup. The monumental sporting event hosts a variety of countries and cultures. Since the teams are basically entire countries being represented, there are no mascots or logo names but rather the people themselves. Just like a NFL fan is likely to call a Dallas Cowboys fan a “cowgirl”, soccer fans may lean more toward mocking an opponent‘s culture since it is the only identifiable target to taunt that opponent. That is in no way making an excuse for this behavior but rather urging FIFA to take some seriousness and aggression in approaching this matter. Besides the fact that the guy was promoting offensive banter, he ran onto the field with little constraint. Security and referees should be disciplined heavily for jeopardizing the safety of everyone on the field.

Article by Brandon Simmons.

White Whores & Black Whoremongers

White Whores and Black Whoremongers is one of the most dramatic books in the annals of Black/White Race relationships and is told from a unique point-of-view. The book portrays reasons for the rivalry and disenchantment between black men and women, and the varying philosophies for schematic/planned subconscious Black inferiority turning Black people into ghetto fabulous fools. The title, White Whores and Black Whoremongers (written in 1995 with a second edition in 1999 and now a second printing 2007), is sometimes misleading to a reader who thinks the book is about White prostitutes and Black pimps. The subtitle: A Bona Fide Racial Holocaust realistically explicates the whoring of people with African ancestry. Four hundred years ago the whoring and devaluation of Black mankind started with slavery in the US. Today the whoring continues with the psychological leftovers minus the physical chains. A war is won by changing the minds of the people–not with guns. Europe changed the color of history. The European documentation used to rewrite history, as we know it is slowly being exposed for what it really is–a paradigm shift for genetic survival.
Black historical acclaims have been suppressed and distorted for centuries. If one travels to a different country, it becomes evident that foreign history books tell different accounts than what is printed in the average high school history book in the US. This book reveals historical concealment and brings forth to all the truth about citizens of the world. It has to be obvious to anybody that man has made his own rules and regulations comprising a racial format. The format is not only in direct violation of god’s laws but also to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the US. White Whores and Black Whoremongers corrects false historical records. After reading this book, it becomes evident the “Color of History” has been changed.
Stewart’s books speak vividly with reference to race relations in America. The biggest curse word in the English language is discrimination. Americans are shunned by their peers if they mention the word discrimination because race peculiarities exist in other parts of the world. Since Black Americans now feel like we’re a part of mainstream America, the topic of slavery has been suppressed way-way-way deep-down in the subconscious as never having happened. Stewart’s books are dramatic in the annals of Black/White Race relationships and told from a unique point-of-view. The books characterize the reasons for varying racial philosophies and delve into subconscious inferiority. I really enjoyed this book. It’ll give you a whole different perspective on race relations.