Nat Turner, Solar Eclipse on August 21:Pay homage to the Great Ancestor


This coming Monday will be a solar eclipse.  They don’t happen too often in the western part of the world.  But this is a special one in particular.  It will be on August 21 which is the day of the slave revolt by the great prophet Nat Turner.  This would be the 186 year anniversary of the revolt. With all the racial tension created by the mainstream media I can feel the tension around me. And our racist President is not helping the matter.  There are a lot of racial films out right now as well.  As well as the boxing match between Mayweather and McGregor which will fan more racial flames.  Watching the news can get you angry and upset.  Especially  when watching protests and marches by white supremacists.  But this is how the media controls you through your emotions.  Many black people are being manipulated emotionally.   It’s time to calm down,relax for a moment and think clearly. I think during this eclipse we should do some type of ritual in honor of the Black God Nat Turner.  Maybe pour libation or whatever you feel like doing.  But we need to harvest our energy and use the power given to us by our African ancestors.  We must always give the utmost respect to those that fought and gave the ultimate sacrifice against this wicked,racist and corrupt system.  Ashe’



Divine Feminine Principle- Black Women return to your True Divinity (Part 2 of 5)

Earth is a title the righteous Black woman within the community calleed the Nation of Gods and Earths carries with pride. She is the Mother of Civilization and Queen of the Universe.

The planet Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun and 93 (9=Born, 3 = Understanding) million miles away from that energy source. Here, she is able to born understanding, or give birth to the best part of herself mentally and physically. She is secure in her position and it is through her perfect position that she sees her greatness and understands the divinity of her proper placement in the universe.

3/4ths of the Earth is covered with water. The refined Black woman covers herself approximately 3/4ths of the way, which will often if not always include her head being covered with a crown because she understands her culture and is free to be refined in it. By doing so, she keeps her best part which she considers to be her precious jewels preserved for those and only those who deserve it.

Those precious jewels are her mind and womb, which both have the ability to bring forth life. Her goal is to remain refined and respected. She is not striving to be looked at in a lustful way by men. She knows her worth and knows that being sexy or a “Diva” are not what she aspires to be. She is capable of being so much more. She walks with dignity and self-respect, has high self-esteem, and embraces her natural self.


She is the first teacher, and leads by example. Those who are around her see her wisdom through the example she sets. She also sets the standards by which her daughters want to aspire and her son’s would want their wives to be. She is a person that she herself would admire, respect, and keep close as a friend/sister.

The Earth has a Wise Dome and applies wise words, ways, and actions, respectfully. She is a P.O.E.T. This means tha she applies P.roper O.rder while E.xecuting the T.ruth using Supreme Mathematics as her guide. She is loyal, dedicated, and devoted to righteousness.

The Earth is humble, yet firm. Flexible, but not weak. Confident, but not cocky. She is a student and a teacher, thus will do the knowledge before ever manifesting a thought. She is constantly aspiring to gain wisdom.

The Earth is e-motion-al. Her Energy is ALways in Motion. She is in tune with these emotions, and brings clarity to them through peaceful evaluation of the situation at hand. The Earth remains centered and never allows her emotions to get out of hand by acting like a lunatic. She is always in control of her emotions (and if not, she is constantly working towards mastering them). Her emotions are a motivation to her. They prompt her to be motivated in doing what needs to be done.

There are 4 devils specifically she rebukes. They are Hate, Lust, Greed, and Jealousy

  • The Earth counters Hate  by agreeing to disagree, and by taking the best part of everything.
  • The Earth counters  Lust by avoiding obsession with sex, or anything that may lead to that obsession, like pornography, intoxication, or immoral peers. She understands procreation is a natural urge, but saves that urge for her King and God –  the one worthy of her.
  • The Earth counters Greed  by not misinterpreting material wealth or status as true wealth. She does not harbor selfish desires to obtain more than what is needed, excess material goods, social positions, or power.
  • The Earth counters Jealousy by wanting for her brothers and sisters what she would want for herself. She is secure in her perfect position in the universe and strives for greatness!



The Earth knows God. The 17th letter is Q (1 =Knowledge, 7 = God). She is a Queen. She stands by the side of God who is the Supreme Being. She is very careful when choosing a mate, her king, her God. She knows she is a valuable jewel and whoever should have her will be worthy.

The Earth has respect for her relationship with God. Her dealings with her God and their Universe are sacred. She honors him and what they have together. She knows the value and importance of the family structure; the man, woman, and child, never getting it twisted with monetary value. Therefore, she never has an “I dont need no man” mentality. She need him just as he needs her for life to go on.So as you can see, with all of her positive attributes and duties of greatness, the Earth definitely has a role and position not only within the Nation of Gods and Earths, but within all that exists. The Earth holds this title with her birthright, but she is righteous by choice. She is respected, protected, and loved.

Excerpts of this post were written by  Asad Malik and Sci-Honor Devotion.

Ways of the African Warrior

I have always been asking myself who is an African warrior? What are the qualities that African warrior needs to express in his or her society? Through out ages of African tribal communities what made the African warrior different from the other members of the African community? Today many African Americans and Africans from the Diaspora claim to have inherited the African warrior culture and tradition through martial arts, dances, traditional healings and spirituality to mention some few aspects of it. Actually I’m not well qualified to give my opinion on the subject but with my little notion I have I will like to developed some points of view which reflects my vision of African Warrior concept.

In the past in the African villages or tribes warriors were defenders of the people and king or the chief: trained fighters were guardians of the people. Modern day African warriors are those who defend the culture, traditions, thoughts, and rights of African people around the world. In the modern day society we live in the cities, in the big towns, our black communities must be defended not through violence but through love and positive action for our people.

1. Skilful fighters/ hunters

Everybody is aware that to be a true warrior you must be a skilful fighter and hunter. In times of war we had to fight to save our people and in time of peace we had to hunt to feed our people. Our people trained in wrestling, stick fighting and many other forms of fighting close to modern capoeira and other forms African martial arts. African warriors were martial artists in which they had a code of honour. When you are learning to fight, you fight against yourself. Your first true enemy is you. A warrior must defeat himself, fight against his fears, his drawbacks, his weakness, his limitations and his deeper self. True martial arts teach you to find the true man in you, the true warrior in yourself.

2. Music and dancing

Through out Africa and in general in all the African Diaspora communities around the world, music and dances have been parts of our cultural and traditional heritage. All true African warriors are good dancers. We can see that through capoeria and traditional African wrestling. Before going to war our warriors danced before our ancestors and God for the blessings. When there were victories our warriors danced with joy, even with defeat we danced. Music has been part of our African warrior heritage singing and playing instruments like drums. Music and dancing is form of corporal emotional expression in which we become one with our inner self bringing out the best of ourselves.

3. Nobility and respectfulness.

All true African warriors are noble and respectful to the community they live in. We respect our elders and we show the true example to our younger ones. In the past warriors were respected, feared and honoured. They were models in the society. Every young man wanted to be like them. They were generous helping out the community: Giving good advice and examples to the youth. It is a pity that in modern society many Africans have lost that nobility and respectfulness in their community. They use their money and power to exploit the youths and disrespect their elders. They have become negative examples to the black people around the world. When will we understand that we African people must regain our nobility and respectfulness?

4. Sexuality

Surely people will be asking what sex has in relationship to warrior African concept. In the past many African warriors had several wives and children. In that time a man was respected for the number of wives and children he had. And warriors were no different. A true warrior was a great lover: Expert in love making. They knew the science and arts of lovemaking. Stable and balance man is he who has a woman in his life. In modern day society I’m not asking African warriors to be unfaithful but to respect their wives and truly love them. Protect them, listen to them and guide them. A true warrior must find the true woman who is part of him, she who reflects the other aspects of him. I will not like to create division but for me an African warrior was not a homosexual for he had the obligation for the continuity of the existence of their clans, tribes and ethnic group with birth of their children.

5. Traditional healing/herbalist

In every society and culture the African warrior had to learn to care of himself especially when they got hurt in wars, hunting or got sick in an expeditions or journeys. They had to know the secrets of the African forests which types of plants had medicinal powers to treat themselves. Some of them became herbalists. Also African warriors knew different types of massages and techniques of putting in place broken bones and torn muscles in their bodies. They knew different types of poisonous plants. He who had the knowledge to save also had the knowledge to kill. African warriors were traditional healers who took care of the health and wellbeing of the community.

6. Mystic powers and spirituality

African warriors were known for their knowledge of the unknown. Using mystic powers to protect themselves and win their battles. They were in close relationship to their ancestors. They respected traditional beliefs and practices certain rituals. They lived in harmony with nature respecting it laws. Knowing that evil we do to others always turns back toward us. With modern day society many African warriors still keep the legacy of their traditional spiritual beliefs in respect of the beliefs of others.

7. Faith in God What makes the particularity of most African warriors is their faith in God the creator of all things. For it is God who gives man his strength, courage, skills and techniques as true warrior. It is God who truly protects the warrior and inspires him in all his action. A warrior who does not believe in God is not a true warrior. There is no true African warrior who is atheist. Believing in God is just like believing yourself, believing in God just like believes in your people. African warrior teaches his people to fear God and respect the laws of God.

Some people will criticise me for my personal points of view on the subject but it was important for me as an African man and a martial artist to give my view on the subject. Many people who claim to be African warriors don’t even respect the least ideas I mentioned above. The most important aspect of being an African warrior of today is too unified our black people together in a common goal of peace and loves and brings back our lost African heritage dignity. We cannot continue to watch the negative image that some of our black brothers and sisters are portraying today.

Article by Aurélien Henry Obama

More Athletes need to speak up and stand up!


Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose made one heck of a public statement by showing up to a game wearing a t-shirt with the words, “I can’t breathe” on it before a Saturday game against the Golden State Warriors.   The shirt was a tribute to the late Eric Garner, who died at the hands of the New York Police Department.

Of course we know about the protests nation-wide against the grand jury’s decision not to indict officer Daniel Pantaleo in Garner’s death.  ”I can’t breathe” were Garner’s last words before passing.

Derrick Rose is just one of many athletes to take a stand against police brutality, police terror and the mass incarceration of black men.  Millions of black people across America are consistently stopped, searched and questioned by police without probable cause, leading to more police interactions that can result in beatings, arrests and deaths.  The same black kid who might end up in handcuffs over a $5 bag of weed would never be bothered if he were a white frat boy on a college campus with LSD in his bookbag.  Why?  Because police almost never raid college campuses.

Five players from the St. Louis Rams came onto the field with their hands up in protest of the decision of the grand jury in Ferguson not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. This is part of a long string of protests by athletes and entertainers, including Diddy, who recently called upon rappers to use their leadership role to convince black people to do something other than drink, smoke, pop mollies, shoot each other and waste all their money at the club.

Rose is also joined by LeBron James, who made statements this week about the recent incidents.  James encouraged other athletes to get involved and speak out about the many social problems being faced by our society, particularly those that impact young black men.

As I watch all of this take place, all I can say is “amen,” and it’s about damn time.  I can also say that Rose, LeBron and young black male athletes have become America’s worst nightmare.  For decades, the miseducation of black male athletes served the purpose of indoctrinating them into a way of thinking that was simple-minded, myopic, self-absorbed, materialistic and devoid of social consciousness.  This deliberate effort to keep our most powerful athletes and entertainers distracted occurred for the same reasons that Joe Louis was told that he would only be given a chance to fight if he ensured that he would never behave like Jack Johnson.

Jack Johnson

Big, strong, wealthy, famous, influential athletes are an inherent threat to national security and white supremacy.  Thus, there are always those who seek to constrain, misdirect, distract and mute these voices at an early age.  One example is in the film, “The Express,” where Syracuse star running back Ernie Davis was told by his white coach to avoid getting involved in the civil rights movement and to “do his talking on the field.”  All the while, the film portrays the outspoken Jim Brown (who was an even better athlete than Davis) as the “bad negro” because he refused to remain silent about the injustice all around him.

For too many years, we’ve been forced to deal with athletes like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Charles Barkley, who seemed to feel that the life of a privileged, wealthy black athlete was entirely detached from the experience of most black men in America.  All for the sake of tap dancing for money, the richest and most powerful athletes in our communities have been misled into believing that being the silent, polite, apolitical negro is the way to be successful.  So, while a few of these men were living the dream, millions in their commuity were enduring a nightmare.


Barkley, Jordan and Kobe might be wise to realize that many of the “threatening” black men being beaten, arrested and shot by police are also as physically large as they are.  Both Michael Brown and Eric Garner were seen as threats by police, in part, because they were big black men.  The only difference is that, rather than being accepted as entertaining athletic specimens, men like Brown and Garner have been defined to be menaces to society.

So, like old horses shot in the pasture, uneducated black males who lose their athletic gifts are often marginalized in the same way as Eric Garner.  In fact, Garner was roughly the same size as Barkley himself.  Similar to Garner, Barkley once had a very serious altercation with police that could have cost him his life.  The only difference between Barkley and Garner on that fateful day is that one of these men was accused of selling loose cigarettes and the other was a millionaire NBA star for the Houston Rockets.  Had Barkley been a black man with no athletic ability, he would have likely ended up in a prison cell, hospital bed or a casket.

The reason to rejoice about the presence of brave and intelligent souls like Derrick Rose and LeBron James is that these men, like black athletes of the sixties, fully understand the capacity for black male athletic leadership that goes beyond being able to dribble a basketball in front of a crowd full of white people.   I also give Diddy credit for realizing that, unlike his perpetually muted and hyper-materialistic colleague Jay-Z, his purpose isn’t to simply stand in front of a crowd of white folks and call himself a “n*gger in Paris.”

You see, to get the world to respect and appreciate the humanity of the black male, black men themselves must communicate this humanity.  It’s hard to explain that you are a complex, sensitive, richly-composed human being who is worthy of dignity when you let some corporation market you as a one-dimensional “thug n*gga” or as some kind of big, black buck who carries a ball.  It’s difficult to justify the murder of a human being, but no one feels sympathy for a “thug.”


These athletes, by using their collective voice, are showing that they understand that power should have purpose, and that this purpose should be greater than buying another fancy car, a big house or winning NBA championships.  These men are meant to be as intelligent as they are athletic, as righteous as they are entertaining.  Their power can be used to lift the same community that made them into who they are today.  That’s what great black men do.

We are seeing, what I would argue to be, America’s worst nightmare, but black America’s dream come true.  We are witnessing the awakening of the black male athlete and entertainer, who is now finding that he was put on this earth for a purpose greater than entertainment.  Now that this power has been unleashed, sit back and watch this country change right before your very eyes.  These brothers are doing something special.

Article by Dr. Boyce Watkins