Nomzamo Mbatha


Nomzamo Mbatha is a South African actress television personality who first came to public attention as one of the three finalists in the 2012 MTV Base VJ Search and in 2013 she was cast in IsiBaya, a Mzansi Magic soap opera, where she portrayed a character of Thandeka Zungu.

Nomzamo Mbatha was born in the township of KwaMashu situated in the north west of the city of Durban in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa.

While she is known as Nomzamo Mbatha her name has also been written as Nomzamo Nxumalo Mbatha,  Nomzamo Mbatha Nxumalo as well as Nomzamo Mxumalo Mbatha.

Both Mbatha and Nxumalo are popular Zulu (and Nguni) surnames especially in her home province of KwaZulu-Natal while Mxumalo is relatively unknown.

She was raised in the KwaMashu township in KwaZulu-Natal in a household run by her late grandmother, in an interview with the Sunday World she was quoted “I grew up with my uncles and my gran was the head of the house, so I’m pretty much a granny’s girl.”

Nomzamo Mbatha is one of eight children; she is a middle child with five brothers and two sisters – one of her sisters has since passed away.

She did her schooling in Durban in the KwaZulu-Natal province.


Nomzamo Mbatha went to Bechet High School in suburb of Sydenham in the city of Durban where she later matriculated.

After matriculating from Bechet High School she relocated to Cape Town in the Western Cape province of South Africa.

There (Cape Town, Western Cape) Nomzamo Mbatha enrolled at the University of Cape Town to study a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting (BComm Accounting).

Speaking about her relocation to the Western Cape leaving her grandmother behind in KwaZulu-Natal, Nomzamo Mbatha was quoted “It was really hard for Gogo [grandmother] to let go of me. We were very close, and the thought of my being so far away was too much for her.”

One year after she relocated to the Western Cape her grandmother passed away, she was quoted by the City Press remarking on the loss of her grandmother “That was a very hard time for me, but death taught me more about life than life itself. You know nothing until you’ve lost someone you love. The biggest lesson I learnt was to be fearless about grabbing opportunities. Nothing in this world is permanent, so you need to do what you can while you can.”

In is understood that Nomzamo Mbatha left the University of Cape Town following her joining IsiBaya and she is continuing her Accounting studies at the University of South Africa .

Eleanor J’Adore

Eleanor J adore

This beautiful woman is Eleanor J’Adore. She knows everything there is to know about hair care. Her blog is very popular with a lot of black women. She always has great advice for her followers.
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“My name is Eleanor, otherwise known as Elle to close friends and family. Cape Town is where I’m from and where my heart lies, but for now I’m calling Tokyo home. Eleanorjadore is where I share my experiences living in Japan and all the things I love, from the crazy fashion and the endless summer festivals to the many challenges of being a foreigner in this country.

Which brings me to my next point: my hair. Try having super curly natural hair and attempting to maintain its health in a country with very little to no curly hair resources i.e. no curly hair products and no curly hair stylists. It’s extremely difficult. So this is also the place where I document my healthy hair journey, describing some of the tips and tricks I’ve learnt along the way.

Other than that I’m a girly girl who adores all things pretty, and I would love for you to explore the far east with me.”
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Have you ever heard of Sarah Baartman?

Sarah Baartman is a name that every black person should know. You wont hear about her too much in the mainstream media. And with good reason. Mainly because Sarah’s body was exploited,much like black women today in rap videos. It is really sick to watch at times. It’s hard to see my sisters looked upon as a piece of meat. And I don’t even want to mention what they do with black women in the porn industry. To call it degrading what be a vast understatement. A little history about Sarah:Sarah Baartman was born to a Khoisan family in the vicinity of the Gamtoos River in what is now the Eastern Cape of South Africa.She was orphaned in a commando raid. Saartjie, pronounced “Sahr-kee”, is the diminutive form of her name; in Afrikaans the use of the diminutive form commonly indicates familiarity, endearment or contempt. Her birth name is unknown.

Baartman was a slave of Dutch farmer named Peter Cezar near Cape Town, which had recently come under British control. Alexander Dunlop, a military surgeon with a sideline in supplying showmen in Britain with animal specimens, suggested she travel to England for exhibition. Lord Caledon, governor of the Cape, gave permission for the trip, but later regretted it after he fully learned the purpose of the trip. She left for London in 1810. Sarah was likewise uninformed of the true purpose of her trip. She was unaware that she would become an icon of racial inferiority and black female sexuality for the next 100 years. The above video is very well done and educational.