Lisa Brown Treasures(Black Business series)

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As a model, actress and lifelong fitness enthusiast, Lisa Brown brings her highly refined aesthetic and passion to the collection she continually curates and presents here now as Lisa Brown’s Treasures & Gifts.

Here you’ll find a plethora of the unique array of products that blend natural health and heritage that will most certainly be appreciated by those who appreciate these qualities as well.

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What she can’t find, she will design and make, as a savvy businesswoman, and that’s how the Inner Alkebulan by Black Lotus line of yoga gear and accessories came to life. There were no exercise mats reflecting the Kemetic roots of yoga, so she made her own high quality line using natural rubber and other eco-friendly materials.

So, please come on in, stroll my virtual aisles and pick out a few things for yourself and/or someone else you care for. Let me know what you think.

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Our “Inner Alkebulan” yoga mats celebrate this African connection with various designs reflecting different regions of the continent. Now, feel free to proudly display your heritage and aesthetic with our unique, exclusive designs. Whether your practice is Kemetic, Hatha, Vinyasa, hot or any other floor exercise, you will find these mats to be not only attractive, but comfortable, durable and made from the highest quality materials. Buy one, or several, for yourself or as great gifts for the yoga and/or exercise enthusiasts on your gift list.

In addition to our premium yoga mats, you will find a fully stocked store with a cornucopia of great yoga and fitness accessories, high-quality health and beauty items, contemporary African fashions and, generally, things that will make you feel good about yourself and life. Our philosophy is simple – Amazing taste with minimal investment. Each item we carry is selected with intention, and quality is never, ever sacrificed. Why? Because, like you, we admit appearance and how we portray ourselves is important to the world. Care and confidence run deep in our veins, so we’re conscious about the things we own and understand how they improve our lives on a daily basis.

The only Justice League film I would pay to see!

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Now this is a Justice League film I would gladly support!  I would happily pay my money to see this.

Recognize a Queen(Standard starts with Self)



Sacred Man

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Sacred Man: From Boyhood to Manhood to Divine Masculine. A Manhood Manual, compact reference guide. Quoting modern day master teachers, on the spirit, mind & body balance of a new type of evolving warrior. An urban polymath, a conscious renaissance man – A Sacred Man. Full colour book/eBook with over 300 images. Addressing issues on: Male holistic health, Sacred sex, Spiritual growth, Masculine vitality, Herbs and fitness, Defining purpose, Self-development, Rites of passage and more… A Bookshelf essential for: young men, fathers, mothers of son’s, men… and the women who love them.
Sacred Man..
Aundrieux Khonsu Sankofa-EL, Is an educator, inner-city youth mentor specializing in urban rites of passage. He has lived and studied the schools of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, also Buddhist & Hindu meditation. Usui Reiki, Tao spirituality & Tantra. Landmark education self development, NLP, psychology & counselling, holistic health and Khemetic spirituality as taught by master teachers Supreme Grand Master Neter Aaferti Atum Re and Dr. Ra Un Nefer Amen. He lectures on Holistic Health, Ancient African History, The Metaphysics of Hip Hop, and is co-founder of The Manhood Academy for Boys: a rites of passage program, training boys to men in London.… MORE

Conversations with The Black Man’s God

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God and the Ancestors speak to the Black race answering questions we ask ourselves – such as – the plight of the Black man, past, present and future. The book provides the tools for woman and man to spiritually transform their lives and relationships.
This book dares to look at the many issues that have been dogging the Black race for generations, in a shocking, frank and open way.
These deep issues are linked to our spiritual belief mindset that remained holistically undiagnosed. Essentially Conversations with the Blackman’s God is a discussion with Motherfather Principle and the Gods of our ancient Ancestors about the obstacles that are affecting the Black race in this time. The answers are raised from a spiritual standpoint channelled through psychic Neferatiti Ife who has been selected by the Gods for this work.
The dialogue is written in God speak, question and answer format.
This book is for those who have begun to question western religion and philosophy. For those who are open minded to believe that they are able to access the Gods directly, who are ready to begin the journey of self-introspection and healing.
‘The Blackman cannot be saved unless he helps himself. Too long have your people been victims to circumstances’
Both authors Neferatiti Ife and Arkenaton Shabazz were plagued by the constant discussions regarding the Black race. Through shared frustrations they began to look for answers and felt that solutions though meditation, connecting with MotherFather Principle and the Gods of the white light. The ancient Kemetians connected with these Gods on a daily basis and look at their achievements!
Following the traditions of their ancient Ancestors Neferatiti began to meditate to obtain the answers to their questions and the result has materialised in the book.
Many of the Spirits and Ancestors are not pleased to see the downfall of all of the work they have put in. They see the rise of their great nation becoming nothing.
The first half of the book addresses major issues of the African race- such as – why are our people suffering, slavery and negative psychological mindsets. Additionally questions about the future of the Black race, Europe and USA are revealed. Truths about Bob Marley, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King as well as biblical characters (Jesus, Moses, Melchisedek) are also revealed.
The second part of the book considers the individual thinking patterns – self love, healing, past pain and intimacy. Connected to this the book explores fundamental patterns in our failing relationships and how can we find true love in our lives?
‘You need to begin with self. Self is looking at your soul. What does your soul say to you everyday?’
Once the individual can embrace this information it can be used as a work book that is able heal internally and in so doing change the downward spiral of the African race for all times. Many of your race lost their inner guidance and their soul. They lost their connection with the divine spirit.