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Happy Bornday(Solar Return) to brother Malcolm X






Kushite Prince Born day-Birth of the Black God

Today is my so called birthday. In reality you only have one birthday,the rest are just anniversaries. My age is irrelevant since my soul is eternal. I want to give thanks to the Most High for letting me live to see another year. Of course tomorrow is not promised to anyone. I also want to thank all my followers and fellow bloggers for their love and support. Brothers and sisters such as TruthbeTold,Onitaset Kumat,Cree,TrojanPam,King Lo the Rastar,Edens Sahara,Jakke Brown,Honeytreebee,Mary Burrell,Ajua Luv,Moorbey,Sunny Delyte,Hung Like Jesus,HuedFlower,Infinite Alchemist,No BlackPete,Asad from UBA,Land of Kam,LBM,Kemetia and Nicoleizhername. These people have a relentless quest for truth,justice and equality. This is the reason I admire all of them and appreciate their dedication and hard work. I’ve learned a lot from all of these people. Please forgive me if I didn’t mention your name. Judge my brain not my heart. Lets all work together and do all we can to rid the planet of racism and injustice. With people like you out there,I feel a lot more confident in this battle. Your brother,KP.
Abibifahodie!(African Liberation)

Happy 125th Bithday Marcus Garvey!

Collectivism is any philosophic, political, religious, economic, or social outlook that emphasizes the interdependence of all, or some group of, human beings. Collectivism is a basic cultural element that exists as the reverse of individualism in human nature and stresses the priority of group goals over individual goals and the importance of cohesion within social groups. Collectivists usually focus on community, society, or nation.
Marcus Garvey is one of our modern day heroes, He believed in unity of the race, racial pride, collective economic security and self-sufficiency. Along these lines, he gave us something to believe in, to hold on to when many of us at that time (post-slavery) lacked hope.
He was the first to really show us how great the mighty race we once were. Many of our later black leaders took their cue from Marcus Garvey. He was a threat to the powers that be and like so many of our legitimate leaders, opposition came not just from the former slave owners but from our traitorous black brothers as well. Garvey was also a prolific writer and author. He believed in Africa and the right of all Africans to self-determination. He believed that we must determine our own destiny and not rely on the help of white people. We must educate our children on Black American history and African history. The African race was around before any others. Our knowledge is hidden in language and in culture. And I want to take this time to thank Marcus Garvey for opening our eyes to our true greatness.