Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 17(Leslie Jones)


Comedian Leslie Jones was cast on Saturday Night Live in 2014.  She has been in films like Trainwreck and Top Five. She also will be in the upcoming all-female remake of Ghostbusters.  But on Saturday Night Live she is usually playing a buffoon.  Her coon behavior is through the roof!  She was cast because the white writers want her to play all the negative black stereotypes.  She plays the Aunt Jemima,whorish oversexual black woman and the angry masculine dark skinned woman.  Just name a stereotype and Jones has probably played it.

Check out this recent skit from SNL.  This woman is running around naked with  midget actor Peter Dinklage. It’s a skit about surviving in the wildlife and this woman brings hot sauce??  How stereotypical can you get.  And of course she’s flirting with him the whole time.  Making the black woman look so desperate for love she will take a white midget.  Later on in the skit they show her trying to eat him. They show this because you have to spread that “Africans are cannibals” narrative.  The entire skit is racist and disgusting!

One of the ongoing themes is Jones is always flirting with Weekend Update host Colin Jost.  This running joke is old and tired.  But of course Leslie keeps doing it to perpetuate the narrative that black women are oversexual and lusting after white men.  I could put up countless videos of Leslie cooning for a paycheck but I think you get the idea.  A post on her was long over due. I should’ve done one two years ago on her.  We as black people fight against these stereotypes every day and we want them to STOP.  However it’s not that easy when you have so many silly negroes who can’t wait to get in the limelight for a few crumbs from Hollywood. And Jones has taken buffoonery to new heights!