Sa-Roc & David Banner-The Who


I love this rap song!  It’s by David Banner and Sa Roc.  It was actually recorded back in 2014.  I meant to post it back then and never got around to it.  It’s a song dedicated to African hero Patrice Lumumba.  I love the lyrics and the powerful statement being made.  More hip hop artists should be doing this.  We don’t want our great heroes and sheroes to be forgotten.  Black children should know the names of the people who fought for their freedom and liberation.

Sa Roc- I Am the I Am

This is a great live performance by Sa Roc. This performance was at a park in Los Angeles. The crowd was really hyped! Sa Roc is probably my favorite rapper at the moment. She has real raw talent,beauty and intelligence. That’s a winning combination! We need more female artists like her in hip hop.