The African Principle

“When a people lose the knowledge of who they are, that is, their culture, they
lose the very foundation upon which their individual existence and their society
is based. To combat this loss, each African person must be equipped with a
‘Grand Vision of the Future,’ a vision extending beyond personal interests such
that this vision becomes the embodiment of the vital interest and moral
centerhood of the entire African World Community. I refer to this vision as The
African Principle. The African Principle places the moral, economic, political,
and spiritual centerhood of African people on the African continent, the land of
our ancestors. It is the ideological, spiritual, and moral direction of African
people; it is the underlying source that makes us an African people. It is that
which makes us who we are and what we are. It is the voice of our ancestors,
and it is the essence of our existence. Moreover, the African Principle is the
underlying source of the African Value System, the gift from our Creator passed
on to us through our ancestors. It represents those standards, rules, laws, and
customs that should guide our behavior and serve as the foundation and
motivation for all of our actions. It is the quality underlying the source of
our existence. Some, if not most of our African leaders, have compromised the
African Principle in order to achieve personal success and security at the
expense of the African masses. In essence, the African Principle requires that
African organizations and leaders of these organizations act in the greatest
interests of the greatest number of African people. As such, the African
Principle is the standard against which we must measure the actions of our
leaders and the organizations that claim to represent the interests of the
masses of African people.”

Anderson Thompson