Much Love to the Real Fathers out there!

This is the final scene from the 1992 film South Central. It stars Glenn Plummer in the role as Bobby. Bobby was a street thug who started a gang in South Central Los Angeles. Bobby ends up going to prison and is locked up for years. While in jail he meets a conscious black man that gives him books filled with knowledge and righteousness. Bobby finds out that his since he was locked up his son has been getting into criminal activity. The man in prison tells Bobby to go save his son from the cycle of violence too many black men face in the ghetto. He makes Bobby promise that he would give his life to save his son. Bobby meets up with his old gang buddy who has his son. A black man fighting to save the life of his son?? I don’t see that too much in films today. This scene is very powerful and touching at the same time. You might find yourself tearing up a bit.