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Hotep family! Welcome to my blog. I go by many names such as  Prince Heru,Melaninated God Being,Magnetic Melanin,Black Lion,Afrikan Warrior etc. But most people call me Kushite or Kush for short. My interest include but not limited to Kemetic Studies, Black Nation Building,Cosmology,Secret Societies,Alchemy, Moorish Science,Pan African Studies,Cosmology,Occult,Sacred Geometry, Metaphysics,Astro-Theology, Black Genetics (Melanin,DNA,and The Akashic Records) and Black Hollyweird.

This blog is dedicated to finding solutions to all who suffer under white supremacy. This includes anyone in Amerikkka as well as Africa,Brazil,United Kingdom,Canada,Puerto Rico and anywhere else. I’ll be covering issues that I think effect us in the African diaspora. I’ll be exposing white supremacy whether it’s in politics,education ,entertainment,sex, war or religion. All are welcome that want to add anything constructive to countering racism. I don’t really care what your religion or social class may be. You can be a Christian,Pan Afrikan,Muslim,Hebrew Israelite,Moor or Five Percenter. It makes no difference to me. If you have something positive to add—then you’re welcome. I honestly wish our people could put aside many of these religious ideologies. For the most part,they cause more division than unity. Division only makes us weaker. We need to be a cohesive unit if we want to defeat this wicked beats of a system. So please be respectful to those that may have a different perspective than yours. Whites can peek into this blog if they want to. Although it’s really not for them. But if they get out of line with some racist comments—they will be put in their place. I wont tolerate any nonsense from ignorant fools. Other than that,welcome to Kushite’s Kingdom.

One people,One Tribe,One Love

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  2. Whats good fam? I am trying to reach out to Red Pill and or Blue Pill to network and do business. I spoke with some folks connected with SaNeter TV but thats been about a month ago and it doesn’t seem like they are trying to connect us with this brother. Can anyone help? My contact email is cecetacoma@gmail.com pls pass this info along….thanks alot

  3. Hey Kushite

    Check out my article

    New Article Submission

    Several Reasons Why Swirling Is Very Toxic To The African Community In America

    There is a consistent agenda by the racist mainstream media that heavily promotes swirling (aka interracial dating) through movies, social media, and even TV shows like Scandal.

    For those that deeply understand this very toxic and destructive agenda that The System continously pushes on us, it’s nothing new.

    Despite the continuous pushing of this very toxic and destructive agenda by the mainstream media and even negropean feminists, the vast majority of African men and African women in this country are currently dating and are married to one another.

    During the days of American Slavery, African women were often raped by caucasoid male slave masters to breed “mulattoes” particularly so that they can have new slaves come and work on the plantation.

    Even more than 100 years ago in Brazil, psuedo-scientific racists in Brazil formed a systemic agenda called “ethnic cleansing” to extinguish the African population in that country via misgenation which the racist caucasoid men tried their hardest to genetically ahniliate the African genes to prove their false sense of “superiority” over us.

    Hell even African men who even looked at a caucasoid woman, especially if they looked at them funny would’ve been killed by racist mobs 100 years ago in this country.

    Today, The System uses some of their women, the mothers of evil and racism to not only neutralize some African men, especially those in the mainstream and make them not speak out on social issues that affect their community, but to also race mix by watering down their sacred melanin by creating toxic offspring known as “biracials” with the mothers of The System.

    Intro: Here are several reasons why swirling is so toxic to the African community in America.

    1. Creates Toxic Biracial Kids With Self-Esteem And Identity Issues – Some kids that are born biracial grow up with self-esteem and identity issues because they are the product of two different backgrounds and can’t even figure out who they are until they get much older.

    2. Melanin Gets Watered Down – When a negropean man or negropean woman gives birth to a biracial kid, it’s evident that the melanin becomes very watered down to the point of the kid looking more caucasoid than African like Mariah Carey & Rhonda Rousey for example and those two women are NOT African by the way.

    3. Causes Negropean Swirlers In America To Say Ignorant & Destructive Things About Their Community – It’s no secret that negropean men would often talk down on African women in America by saying things like they are “angry, bitchy, ghetto, & ratchet” or these “b*****s ain’t shit” on social media and YouTube.

    And then you got these bedwenches in the mainstream like Regina King for example who said that black women should “abandon” all African men in this country and that they should date caucasoid men and I was thinking “The System is using her as a pawn to perpectuate this myth that African men won’t “protect or provide” for African women like caucasoid men would. That comment personally disgusted me & I would NEVER encourage African men in this country to even date nor marry Becky (aka caucasoid woman) at all.

    4. Creates Negative Consequences For African Men In Particular – One of the biggest downsides of swirling is I remember watching a crime story just recently where this young African man had a illicit relationship with a married rich Becky and he was actually using Becky for money and sex. However, when they both got caught, the brother expected the Becky to take the fall for him, but knowing the psychology of caucasoid people, Becky refused to take the fall for him, so he turned on her and he thought “If I’m going down, she’s going down with me” and sure enough, he snitched on her during trial and she was sent to prison for Life Without Parole and I will say had this brother not even met Becky, his life would’ve been a whole lot different.

    5. Hinders The Ability To Build A Nation – When a African person engages in swirling by either dating Bob (aka caucasoid guy) or Becky (aka caucasoid girl), it doesn’t bring them closer to build a real nation that produces the most beautiful babies on the planet – African Babies.

    6. The Eurocentric Patriarchal Structure – When an African woman dates or marries Bob (aka caucasoid guy), she is not only assimilated herself into the Eurocentric patriarchal structure, but she also gives up her power and financial resources to Bob because once Bob divorces her, she’s gonna lose everything she worked for from her finances to even the kids.

    The Conclusion – To truly preserve melanin, procreate with the opposite sex of another African person because melanated babies are the most beautiful babies in the world.

    By Kwame Shakir

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