22 thoughts on “Do Black people deserve reparations? #ADOS

  1. For some strange reason, I have seen many articles about reparations lately. In fact, there have been many views of ‘reparations’ posts that I’ve put up. What’s the deal with that, I wonder. And why so much talk about reparations now when it was always shot down?

    • There’s been a lot of talk about lately. Many of the presidential candidates have been asked about it. There’s no question if reparations are deserved. I just get this weird feeling that it’s a ploy. Just a slick way of getting your hopes up. But eventually it won’t happen. Someone should ask Trump about it. I’d love to hear his thoughts on it.

  2. You do not deserve reparations unless you are willing to fight and die for them! “BLOOD DEBTS CAN ONLY BE PAID IN BLOOD” Bobby E Wright.

  3. Yes our people do need reparation & justice for what happen an still happening to our people. Also when when it comes down to reparations we have to identify who’s black & who’s not black because of the one drop rule.

  4. Reparation will never cancel the mark that we have on our skin!
    Kushite,I am sorry but I would prefer more to have segregation
    and separation from them.
    If segregation will come tomorrow I will be the first one to accept it,
    because we can’t longer live side by side with them!
    They are the problem not us,they know it but they pretend to be blind and deaf!

  5. I know for sure we definitely deserve reparations. But like you said in one of your comments, I think it might be all a ploy, too. I don’t think they’re going to give us anything. And I feel like real reparations is not only trillions of dollars they owe us, but them going back to Europe, and them giving us back everything else they stole and stripped away from us, like our original language(s), culture(s), etc. I just don’t feel like they’re going to give us all of that.


  6. Look at the so called natives who got reparations and are stil benefiting from it, they are white. I always said, if AAs get reparations, the 1st recipients will be Rachel dolezal and sean king type of people.

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