Teach your children about the enemy!

Know Your Enemy...


12 thoughts on “Teach your children about the enemy!

  1. True! If it ain’t an American descendant of slaves, it’s our enemy to be avoided at all cost! Most of us should know by now that whites especially, are NOT our friend. Why some of us lie down with those parasites is a complete and utter mystery to me!

  2. Kushite,in my workplace this WM,he went berserk on me because his low weak ego it has been hurt!
    He was jealous that I only speak and say “hello” to one my colleague who is black!
    The reason is at my workplace I don’t give shit to anyone!
    He told me “that I am rude and arrogant,I don’t say Good morning,we worked together once, which it was a lies,and if one day I will need his help,he will not be there for me”
    I just told him that” I just don’t care about him and he should leave me alone”
    I reported all these to my supervisor and the next time that old fart he will harrass me again,
    I will report to HR!
    WM believe that slavery is here,when BW where there to satisfy their sexual depraved needs!
    They think that us blacks we should all be friendly and listen all their crap that they want say to us!
    Why they think is OK for them to touch us all the times? When if us we do the same is crime ans they call straight way the police?
    Who do they think they are? Who in right mind want to be friends with them?
    Only coon can give them the title ” how good is to be white!”

  3. This week a crazy WW she is a nurse,she approached me on the corridor,for sure she mistook me for another black lady,because
    I don’t recall me and her be so in confidence with each other!
    For sure I don’t go around tell about my personal life to anyone especially when it comes to them!
    She was acted as if me and her were so close and friends,I was confused about her behaviour,I was like “what in the hell this crazy woman wants from me?”
    She asked me”where did you have been?
    I didn’t see you for awhile,how were your holidays? I knew it,that you were in holiday!”
    I knew it that she was talking about another BW,I was like ” I am sorry,I wasn’t on holiday,and I am just covering this lady that
    she is in holiday!” and politely told her “excuse me but I have work to finish”
    Kushite the next day,you couldn’t believe what she did to me,I was working again in the same floor,in short, when I saw her again,she gave me the most mean stare how she could give!
    My face was complitely indifferent,I was like
    “I don’t give a damn about you!”

  4. This is crucial and black parents need to teach their children about white people the correct way, not the water down surface level way for example, you need to be suspicious of all white people vs not all white people are bad. Use examples for example, the central park 5 is back in the media, use them to explain that white people are dedicated to harming black people (getting rid of black people) for example, the DA had never gotten a white criminal convicted but she has destroyed the lives and harmed the families of many black people because her one and only job is to be racist. Black parents need to stop allowing whites to teach their kids about racism the fake way which is a way they practice racism and also black parents need to stop individualizing white people IE its the kkk, its the white people over there etc.

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