Why are Black men the face of the MeToo movement?


15 thoughts on “Why are Black men the face of the MeToo movement?

  1. Even when they are criminals, whites protect their own. I remember when some old creepy WM came up to me in public and showed me a pic of a young black girl and asked if I wanted to have a 3some. I didnt know the age of the black girl at the time but clearly she was young. Thinking back, I have never been disrespected by BM like WM do. That old WM was not the only one, many WM have approached me with pictures on black women in their phones for gutter sex. This happened mostly when i was young. Ive had WM show me and tell me how they have young black girls live with them just for gutter sex. These men were 50 + years old. When I was young, I just ignored it and didnt tell anyone and I think most people know WM are nasty but getting justice on them is hard since they protect each other and are often let go. Not to mention, many black people dont believe they do things like that and often turn it into a joke

  2. Social media is an easy road n 2 the uninformed blackmind,this tool has made it possible 4 ur enemy 2 lynch us n our own minds and because we r uninformed it is a very effective approach to crushing the BM and family while coveting the BW.we fail 2 c this cause we have no tool fight with or a sense of awareness of our own mind.the metoo movement is a new version of the feminist movement that tricked BW back n the 60’s an again BW have taken the bait.

  3. WM organize sex group trips for only men in Asia,Africa and South America so there they can rape minor innocent poor children!
    The rich wp families organize also for their sons birthdays trip to go in these place,so
    they can do their dusgusting act!
    But anyone in the news they speak out about this?
    Here UK there was a case of a famous WM who worked for BBC,he raped I don’t know how many minor children,
    but the case of this pig bastard they published only when the filth bastard was already dead!
    If we speak about the
    case of the Church we will never finish!
    Why we keep tolerate all these shits?

  4. Yes! While hypocritical wm do their evil deeds on women of all colors, Black men are being railroaded left and right. Two current examples: Jason Pope and Joe Morrissey.

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