War on Black Minds!

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14 thoughts on “War on Black Minds!

      • Prince I’ve got some views coming from your blog about that horrible mukbang mess thanks to moorbey’z blog commenting here. I am just too through! What the hell is wrong with us when it is not as if it is bad enough that we got racism, bigotry, prejudice and all that comes with that to deal with, but we are now our own worst enemy when we don’t seem to have any sense at all if we can pick up something that is sure to kill us.

        Just like moorbey said on my blog, who needs the klan when we are doing their job for them; we are hell bent on killing ourselves! And believe me, I am still outraged because if the adults don’t have any sense, they at least should keep their children from participating in that unhealthy mess, but they are happily encouraging their children to a gluttonous end! It is all just incomprehensible to me that we are enabling our destruction all for some Youtube dollars when we can’t spend money if we’re dead. And those poor children won’t have their parents long if they keep eating like that. This is a no-win situation.

      • Self respect and love for their children is totally lacking as well as love of self. The ancestors are crying right now for we have so among us who are lost and don’t want to be found.

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