Melanin by D’Nessa McDaniel


From the night in her skin to kink of her hair

The sun in her smile to the stars in those eyes

I know that Melanin is beautiful

The beauty that glows through her

blood like magic

Her melanin drips like honey

Can you imagine a voice so sweet you could taste the diabetes

Can you imagine how the tears of this woman will make rivers

You will find the souls of her sons floating in

Dreams of haunting, of prey, of white of guns of nose,

nose is tight like she is tight like a nose

This kind of melanin

This kind of woman

Makes the worst days worth living for

Makes trying to live some of the worst days

But this type of melanin is strong

Even when the pavement of her heart starts to crack under oppression

She will still bleed love, hope, smiles, and laughter

she will bleed the bloodshed of her father’s death

She will ache the pain of the weight her mother carried on her black

Because of this I know that melanin is beautiful

Is pain, is sorrow, is love, is her

She is love

She is what made melanin so damn beautiful.

Poem by D’Nessa McDaniel

9 thoughts on “Melanin by D’Nessa McDaniel

      • @ Kushite Prince

        I do apologize for throwing your post off topic but can you please discuss this topic black men who have children by lesbian studs. The reason why I ask is because of my concern with the emasculation & feminization of the black men. Its bad enough we have heard news reports on black male celebrities from Bobby Valentino, Dwight Howard, Young Buck, Eddie Murphy and etc. who have been busted with trannies in which these men knew these trannies were men.

        But another feminization that is happening to the black men is them having relations with naturally born women who are masculine bisexual lesbians studs. What I mean by masculine is that they carry a masculine energy with a masculine mannerism, dresses in men clothing, masculine hairstyles and etc. We been calling these black men out that are having relations with trannies but not the one’s having relations with naturally born women who are masculine bisexual lesbians studs which is another step toward a man being a homosexual. If a man that have relations with a masculine bisexual lesbians studs those are signs of homosexual tendencies regardless if she’s a woman especially when she’s carry a masculine energy. The homosexual agenda is getting more deeper an black men sexuality is being question.

      • Yeah that’s a scary situation. I’ve seen this before. They’ve taken the gay agenda to new heights. It’s an issue that should be addressed. Thanks for the idea.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        Thanks!!!! These black men that have relations with these black lesbian stud women especially creating children with them are adding more confusion in our black communities as well as black genocide. You’re a man dating a woman that’s trying to be a man is suspect an screams homosexual tendencies. I’m sorry why would you sleep or procreate with someone rather you a man or woman that knows your partner had past relationships with someone of the same sex.

    • Is this really Dnessa? If so,thanks for dropping by. I love your work! You’re very talented. It’s a real honor having you comment. That really means a lot. I’ve read some of your other poems as well.

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