Growth is painful!


17 thoughts on “Growth is painful!

  1. This picture and quote is too sad! 😢 I sure hope it’s true that white people will all perish off the face of this earth sometime in life from what I been reading and hearing. All of them deserve it! 😂

  2. Today is black conscious day here. Zumbi dos Palmares death.
    I wish that black people here had real pride.
    The post has a lot to do with today and Blacks here.
    Thank you brother.

  3. Another way to look at this is that black people are not considered men and women in the system, only boy and girl. We never grow up in the system, we remain childlike regardless how enslaved or less enslaved we are. We are never adults no matter how old we are.

  4. While many /most of us might not realize we are enslaved ,almost all of us including the members of our contemporary suffering,most of us do not even know who the true oppressors are . Most do not know who originated the Curse of Ham or engineered the Maafa and and still rapes Africa. We still are propagandized because we are put to sleep. We sometimes allow ourselves to be deluded,perhaps as a protective mechanism as inconquerable evil. The evil confronting us today has multiplied and mutated beyond the realms of human decency and understanding.
    For me,learning who my oppressors are have only helped somewhat-I still find my self caught in the quagmire of judeo/jew supremacy with the help of their white henchman . I find ,upon inspection many aspects of my oppression,I am unwittingly in cahoots with the enemy .
    My self disgust at my cowardice for compromising my principles in this matrix, I have to work on that . I am extremely angry at the injustice in the world ,yet find myself paralyzed.

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