Heru,Lion King,Black Panther(African Mythology)

Horus..Lion King...

It seems Hollywood doesn’t have any original ideas.  They keep telling the same stories over and over again.  And I’ve noticed over the years they love to tell stories with African origins,legends and mythology.  I remember years ago when I saw the film Lion King by Disney.  It was obvious the story of Simba the young lion cub came from the Kemetic story of Heru.  The entire film is based off of the story of Ausar(Osiris),Auset(Isis) and Heru(Horus).   The exact same story is in the Black Panther as well.  They all deal with African spirituality in some way.  You can see the same theme in the Star Wars films too.  Hollywood just makes the characters cartoons and superheroes to disguise the true origin.  But like I said they have no originality in Hollywood.  And the formula seems to work….so why change it up.  Nothing new under the sun!

10 thoughts on “Heru,Lion King,Black Panther(African Mythology)

  1. About the Heru/Lion King mythology plagiarized by Hollywood, I never saw any of the Lion King movies or plays because I had a feeling it would offend me. But as far as the recent Black Panther movie, to be honest I was disgusted with the whole theme of that movie. And then once I saw how the black conscious leaders responded to the movie and used it to further program black sheeple, I just begin to loathe that whole Black Panther movie’s theme.

    It’s obvious to me that the Catholic Church and Jesuits of Disney Executives commissioned these black conscious leaders to push that disgusting black panther film programming propaganda.

    Black people sit back and continue to allow Pro-Zionist/Gay Mafia white supremacy to exploit, pimp, & misrepresent their Divine Cosmic DNA of Heru, Osiris, the Feline Mother Godessess Sekhmet & Bast, Maat/Medusa, Kali, etc. just for a few seconds of fame.

    Btw, the recent Black Panther film depicted T’Challa’s father, T’Chaka as a b!*ch arse ni&&er and a coward.

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