Public Fool System(What they teach you)



12 thoughts on “Public Fool System(What they teach you)

  1. How to kiss white asses!
    How to be docile black people!
    How to study only white lies history because only their history matter for the rest is rubbish!
    How to live in reality dominate by only wp!

  2. I agree with everything in this post the school system is trash. I graduated high school & college but when I look back over the years too me it was a waste of time. The schools I attend had poor teachers, poor schools & a failing school system. I did better doing my own outside studying as well as had tutors too help me. I hated when black history month comes around because we constantly learn about the same people.

    • A lot of people have told me they had the same experience. The school system is full of lies. Sadly some people never wake up to the deception. I’m glad you see what’s going on. Thanks for this great comment!

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