10 things that lower your vibration


1.Too much stress

2. Doing drugs

3. A poor diet

4. Consuming lots of alcohol and tobacco

5. Being around negative people(Energy Vampires)

6. Lack of sleep and rest

7. Negative habits

8. Casual sex and pornography

9. Negative mental activity

10. Toxic products/Environment

10 thoughts on “10 things that lower your vibration

    • Cannabis is kind of a tricky one. I know many people say it’s a natural plant from the earth. And it definitely has healing powers when used for medicinal purposes. I personally don’t use marijuana but I don’t judge those that do. If it works for you then fine. When I said drugs I meant more in the lines of crack cocaine,LSD,popping pills etc.

      • Fair enough: I personally do use it, but I don’t judge those who don’t! 😉

        For sure, the GMO, chemically-laced stuff a lot of people smoke that has you drooling over a bowl of cereal watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force is poison. It drugs the mind. I live where it grows wild, and dried leaves have a milder, refreshing effect. It’s kinda like comparing free-range chicken to KFC…

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