Is this the cause of racism?

Racism Jealosuy...

I know this is so wrong!  But I couldn’t resist LOL!!!

28 thoughts on “Is this the cause of racism?

  1. This is hilarious Kushite, Keep it up man. White women are so jealous of the superior and natural black queen(s) to the point that all of them got to go and get tans, big butts, big lips, curves, wearing braids and dancing like a black queen when it comes to “Twerking” and then all of them love to lie when it comes to them acting like us and wanting to be us so bad which is super sickening. Brazilian women are also known for being jealous of the all natural black woman which makes all of them look just as miserable as white women.

      • Thanks Brother Kushite, I love telling all the facts I have stored up on these wannabe black people in this world. I have no regret whatsoever in bashing and putting them to shame. You and Truthangel07 have the best blogs ever! I can’t wait until she comes back so I can join her blog too. 😉

    • I agree with your comment. Brazilian women claim that they have the beautiful curve.
      Really not all Brazilian women are white and not all are black.
      Black women in Brazil are often seen as ugly. The same behavior is seen in each Latin American country.
      I shared on Google plus about Samen dos Santos.
      She was candidate to Miss.
      Comments about Samen in her instagram:
      “Blacks are ugly, her presence is disrespectful, gaucha(female inhabitants of her State ) are white and beautiful not black, she should represent Africa not Brazil.”
      Beauty Pageant shows tangibly how wannabe white countries see themselves.
      So called non blacks/POC don’t like black people. Not everyone attacking Samen, Thais Araujo , Maria Julia Coutinho and others are white.
      A white supremacy without whites.

      • That is so true Erika, We have a lot of enemies as black people. There is a lot of us who need to wake up and realize that we have a lot of other enemies not just the white race. I know that white people are on the top and are number one on the list of our enemies but we also need to see that there are Hispanics, Arabs, Middle Easterners and Asians and others who also support white racism and of course want to be just as racist and such like how white people are towards us and it’s hilarious at how these other races of people support and love white people and their racism towards us blacks even though it is stated that white people look at all people of color as being beneath them or beneath their feet and that their race is superior and are God’s chosen people and that all the other races(Blacks, Hispanics, etc.) in the world are “Devils”. But these people still love them even though whites don’t like them also. People must think 100% that it’s just us blacks and jews that white people hate, People need to think again!

  2. Hi @beingproblack I know you were talking about white Brazilian women,but not all Brazilian women are white!
    The most beautiful women in Brazil are blacks but white supremacy in Brazil doesn’t agree!

    • I understand, You do have a point and I’m not even mad about it like most people would when hearing the truth. Thanks qnubian528! 👍

      • No disrespect qnubian, I do know that not all brazilian women are white, That would be absurd to think something like that. Again no disrespect intended.

  3. Black African women beauty is constantly disrespected but is constantly use as a measuring stick when being compared to other races of women. If Black African women beauty is so inferior then why are our African physical traits constantly admire by other races. We’re admired & envy at the same time. Black African women are the only race of women that is different then all the other races of women especially when it comes down to our hair.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        Here’s a interested video Chrissie did on youtube. I have to agree with her on this video. This is what happen when we keep accepting the one drop rule claiming biracial’s, our on identity as black women is being erase. Now non black women are trying to look racially ambiguous making themselves look like biracial women.

  4. When I see a white woman coming at me on the street, I cross the street just to avoid her,

    They can’t keep their pale, bony faces away from me. And they love to make comments on the thickness of my hair.

    • White People need to shut up with their little comments and miserable racist jokes on our hair. At least we don’t have lice like them which is a tremendous blessing!

      • @beingproblackislife
        BLACK AFRICANS are the only race of people that don’t get lice but if we do get its because we are around “NON BLACK AFRICAN” people who have it. Also when “NON BLACK AFRICAN” hair get wet it carries a wet dog smell I believe its in the DNA

    • All of them age quick like I don’t know what and a lot of them love getting all kinds of facial injections and plastic surgeries and such done to their faces to help get rid of that aging look which is super pathetic.

      • @beingproblackislife
        You are so right about them aging fast. I don’t know who age the fastest milk or them. The more melanin you have in your skin the slower the aging process. The darker you are the better it benefits you that is why Black African age the best. Furthermore when a black person take care of there bodies through the year help out as well.

        P.S. Asian don’t age well either I hear too many white people make statements that Asian have good skin.

  5. They act like this because
    -their men never ever been loyal to them.
    -they are desperate and obsessed to be exotic!
    -they don’t feel confidance be only plane pale skin!
    -they feel irritate in pubblic to face the full black feature of BW!
    -thay can’t stand us in pubblic!
    -they suffer of deep self-hatred!
    -they blame us for everything also because of our power to age slower than them!
    -they copy every single things we do because they have this desperation to be the “Number one!”
    -only them can have the “title the first women” no anyone especially BW!
    -for them all BW should be ugly because “be pretty or attractive is illegal and crime!
    The thing is kushite for me BW we are the most lucky people,I know some of us don’t realize because of the struggle we face every days of our life,but what makes us different or better than them,we don’t look for perfection which is the number one of their insanity!

  6. @Shanequa You mentioned some true points and facts! White people will of course give and show admiration to another race except for us when it comes to admiring them for their skin, hair and traits and such due to the constant jealous and envious feelings that harbour inside them about and towards us black people and we can see bright and clear that these evil white parasites admire us 100% and want to be us and look like us 24/7 as I have mentioned in a lot of Brother Kushite’s posts. A lot of the things that us black people create when it comes to certain dance moves and such is one thing that these devils look at in admiration and got to learn them too like “Dabbin or Dabbing” and a whole lot of other dances and moves too. This girl named Truthangel07 said it best that white people are some boring people which is so true due to them stealing all of the things that us black people create and do. 😏

      • I know right! We are the most admired people on this planet. People sure do love calling us delusional when we speak the truth about them acting like us and stealing our culture. The truth hurts! I don’t just have extreme hatred for white people to be honest but I do also hate all of these other thieving races of people also. A lot of us black people who are pro-black and anti-white chooses to hate just whites and jews but I think we should take it up a notch and also hate all of these other races as well who be wanting to suck the white man’s dick even though the white man looks at their races as being inferior and beneath them also. 🙄😏

  7. About that previous comment I posted and I mentioned how us black people decide/choose to hate jews also, I basically don’t have any kind of racial hatred for jews at all but when it comes to whites/europeans that’s a different story. Can anyone tell me what do jews do to make us black people hate them also? Because I thought that white people were the biggest problem and our main true enemies in this entire world.

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