But who gets locked up?(Crime Stats)

Crime Stats...

12 thoughts on “But who gets locked up?(Crime Stats)

  1. White people are all cursed with reversed thinking, reversed beliefs and cognitive dissonance and pure evil. I can’t stand them 1000%!

      • You are so right man! The miserable white race love stating and claiming that we are the ones that are committing the most crimes while this chart and other statistic crime charts shows that their race is the main race that leads in the crimes/crime rate(s). White people are so miserable and are people who love showing it all the time. Poor pitiful things!

  2. White on white crimes at its finest!!!! When you have power, wealth, & greed you can tell your on story to the world with the media that you control.

  3. Exact same problem over here in the uk. They trying to portray all the 168 murders since January have been black males committed by blacks. Lol they say they’re pushing it in the fake Jew media over here is insane. Parliamentary meetings. London mayor broadcasts , news reviews, crisis leaders , religious leaders believe me everyone is on the band wagon. I genuinely believe all these deaths are being orchestrated by the you know who’s and most of the black victims are either under theirs sick grasp or collateral damage in the agenda to push this whole black murder violence false flag bullshit. Just like the whites and the hooked nosed sodomites orchestrated he uk riots a few years back it was found they were bussing people in dressed like streets kids to purposely start riots in specific areas. Areas with high black populations I may add. Last time I looked 99.999999 percent of pedophiles are white and that tells me all I need to know about the sickos

  4. How do we know all the blacks convicted actually did those crimes? Think of the NYC jogger case. A white father who indulged in crime was willing to sacrifice his own daughter and pin the crime on a random black man.

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