True Kings should lead……

King and Queen...


10 thoughts on “True Kings should lead……

  1. I’m so proud of being black and knowing that we are Kings and Queens, People are so jealous of us and want to be us so bad that it looks so pathetic. We are the first people who created Rap and Hip-Hop and now all kinds of races are stealing it from us and here I am was thinking that white people were the main thieves. Now we have thieves like asian rappers and of course hispanic rappers now which is something irritating to see. We are also the first people who started booming our music at a loud volume in our cars and at first it was seen as ghetto and thug like to white people and now since a lot of them are doing it as well of course it’s ok and of course hispanics got to get into doing the same thing too with listening to and booming their circus sounding music also which is irritating as well all because we know who all of these races of people are acting like which is us black people. There are a ton of facts out there that shows that we as black people are the best ever but of course all of these other people are going to claim that as false or a lie because all of them can’t handle the truth.

    • Well said young man..shout out to my man kush he keeps it real wit no Cutt cards like my man lord Jamar from the brand Nubians .i get tired of the “Hip Hop is universal it ain’t. It was made by us and for us to combat WS that left me and my dirt poor Afro Latinos in the worst conditions in all of NYC.we created it out of nothing for our very survival.was no we are one that it’s here to stay and popin world wide now all want in without showing the proper respect to my people who made it..we are amazing god’s chosen people and Im ready for war for our liberation.its coming.. I am Derrick “D Rock” Martinez I am a original founding member of the legendary rock steady crew one of the greatest street dance crews in hip hop history formed by our amazing black and brown people in the summer of hell itself in 1977 during The birth of hip hop culture by us and for us..shalom young warrior..

      • Thanks oldschool1blog, I agree brother 100% that our music isn’t universal and these uncle tom rappers of ours need to start mentioning that and to stop thinking about these fake white women that all of them want to get in the bed with and start speaking up for our race.

      • Thanks a lot Old School! I actually got to see Lord Jamar in person a few months ago. Thanks for the kind words. I always appreciate your words of encouragement brother!

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