3 thoughts on “The Ankh of Life

  1. It’s a a shame the evil doers in this world, namely the satanises that are committed in destroying earth and black people as a whole have taken the truth of god and the beauty of the inner workings of man and skewed it and turned it around to follow the beast. The ankh is one of these said god given constructs designed by god that has been stolen and used by these demons for their own end. Has with the pineal gland they take the keys god has given us and poison them for heir own ends , me alone being another. God help us all I truly believe we are coming to the end. These beasts in power eg he clintons that were like wolfs in sheeps clothing making out they were for the black masses but in turn bringing in more laws to subjugate them these beasts eat the brains of humans and canabalise the pineal gland and ankh gland they suck the men akin from black children . Most of them are suffering from kuru but they put bullshit out that they have ms, Parkinson’s , Alzheimer’s etc . No you bastards have kuru!!! From the destruction of black people. And God’s punishment is kuru on your soul. Incurable , degenerative disease just what they deserve

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