Transhumanism & Cloning:White Man wants to be God





8 thoughts on “Transhumanism & Cloning:White Man wants to be God

  1. The ‘white’ man has long since declared himself, “God.” He’s taken over this entire planet and is destroying ALL human, plant and animal life. And then he has the nerve to search for distant planets to fuck up as much as he has fucked this one up. We’re all done for. I only hope that the ‘white’ man does not get the chance to do to another planet of ‘beings’ what he has done to this one.

  2. Many have spoken about this from Amos Wilson to Malachi York to Dr. Suzar.

    He won’t make it to 2050.

    Not with the opiods, the barren males and females, the suicides and the like. These other “beings” on other planets are melaninated aswell. Not one person is gonna tell me they’re not watching all this shit go down. Do you really think they’re going to allow this mess on THEIR planet?

    I see the only option for him is blowing up the planet.

    “If I can’t win, no one wins!”

  3. They are so scared to death that everything they build it will disappears with their own extinction,that not matter what they just don’t want to accept the death!
    They are the only group of people who don’t want to die,who want to live as immortal and forever!
    In the Bible and other holy books it is says,and as God said, ” it is a mortal sin to compare yourself to God, it is a mortal sin to rise up or be greater than God”.
    But they have always challenged and continue to challenge God,this Planet has enough natural resource for everyone who living,it doesn’t need no one help,it was able to do all this until the beginning of the principle,but when unfortunately when they came ,everything and everyone are in danger!
    Me,personally I don’t want communicate with robot,humanoids,machines with something that has no capacity to express its emotions, a cold body made of steel that has no soul, is not able to control its actions and rational emotions!
    Do you know what it will happen? MATRIX,TERMINATOR or other apocalyptic movies,and this is my vision of the future,a world rule by machine,humanoids and robots! This is what they have in plane for all of us,and world without humankind,
    if you think that they already created female robots to replace real women as sexual partners!
    It’s mean that in the future people will not have anymore physical interaction with other being,no love,no life,no family no more anything!
    Their rules is made of anti-life and anti-humankind,for them be human is not anymore necessary because humans :
    -have so many defects
    -grow old and die
    – take diseases
    -get too carried away by emotions
    -are not able to regenerate their body
    -also why give birth when they can made humans in laboratory or even give to a machine to do the job?
    Another thing about clone people,they are not creating a perfect being,rather they are destroying the human race!
    Because the cloning uses only single a genetic patrimony instead of two, so it is imperfect and above all those who are cloned are not able to reproduce themselves, in other words to be a sterile being!
    They hate GOD,they hate MOTHER NATURE and they hate HUMANKIND!

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