Lee Daniels new film….PIMP(Interracial Lesbian Propaganda)


Looks like Director Lee Daniels is at it again.  Hollywood’s favorite black homosexual director is back with a new film.  The man who made black servitude look good(The Butler) and made black degeneracy look artsy(Precious,Empire). He also has a show called Star on FOX.  A show that promotes homosexuals,interracial sex, transgenders and cross-dressers.  I’ve watched the show twice and could barely stomach the filth promoted on that show.  But now he’s take it to another level.  He has an upcoming film called Pimp. Daniels is the executive producer of the film.  The actual director is white lesbian Christine Crokos.


Written and directed by Christine Crokos, the love story stars Keke Palmer (Akeelah and the Bee), Haley Ramm (The Originals), Aunjanue Ellis (The Help), Vanessa Morgan (Finding Carter), Mike E. Winfield (Conversations in L.A.), Edi Cathegi (Twilight) and DMX.

Pimp marks the first movie that Daniels — the writer-director-producer behind such TV and film hits as Empire, Star, Precious and The Butler — has executive produced. The impetus for his involvement stemmed from wanting to support a new generation of filmmakers with authentic voices and a unique approach to storytelling.


Pimp is set on the rough streets of the Bronx and centers on Wednesday (Palmer), who is born into the gritty world of hustling, where she learns the game from her dad. Once he’s gone, she is left to look out for her mother (Ellis) and her girlfriend Nikki (Ramm). In need of more money, Nikki decides to hit the streets for Wednesday for a dream at a better life. In a ferocious battle of survival, Wednesday comes face to face with a pimp (Gathegi) who runs a more dangerous game, leaving Wednesday to fight for love and risk all to save Nikki.

Alexis Varouxakis of 1821 Pictures and Adrenaline Entertainment is producing the pic alongside Victoria Bousis and Christine Crokos. Paris Kasidokostas-Latsis, Terry Dougas, Roys Poyiadjis, Nick Garyfallos, Michael J. Mailis, Corey Large, Gary Ousdahl, Michael Cline, Bader Alghanim, Gina Dwyer, Ali Jazayeri, Viviana Zarragoitia and John Krokidas also are executive producing.


Daniels’ Precious (2009) received six Academy Award nominations, including for best director, and took home two Oscars. In 2012, Daniels directed the historical fiction drama The Butler, which became a box-office hit, holding the No. 1 spot for three weeks. He is also the co-creator and executive producer of the TV series Empire and Star.

I’ve always liked Keke Palmer.  I always thought she was a beautiful and talented black actress.  I thought she might be someone young black girls could look up.  But I was wrong.  Just like many young black adults in Hollyweird they fall victim to the agendas.  The know they must promote homosexuality,lesbians,queers,interraical sex and transgenders if they want to take their careers to another level.  These sick European demons in Hollywood want to corrupt the minds of black youth.  And they get these sellout black devils like Lee Daniels to destroy the minds of their own people.  Many of the powerful people in Hollywood are satanic and greedy bastards.  And we have to be careful not to follow people just because they have melanin like we do.  We must accept the fact that there are white devils….but black devils as well.  Do black children need to see a black female pimp?  And a lesbian one at that!  Do black children need to see an interracial lesbian affair? Is this inspiring to the youth??  Hell NO!  They are grooming the minds of black children to see this filth as normal.  This is more psychological warfare.  Not to mention the film as bloody violence,murder and all types of black degeneracy. Just more promotion of black people as pimps,whores,hustlers and gangsters.  Haven’t we moved past this? This is why homosexuals like Lee Daniels are rewarded so much in Hollywood. The film is coming out November 9,2018.  Be sure to NOT support this film!  Do not give these sick bastards one red cent! Let me know your thoughts on propaganda films of this nature.

44 thoughts on “Lee Daniels new film….PIMP(Interracial Lesbian Propaganda)

  1. The agenda to further sexually corrupt and confuse Black people in full effect, with the usual suspects using Lee Daniels as the face (who has no problem whatsoever being used in this manner btw).

  2. I am tired of all this homosexual bullshit. It’s bad enough we have black children living in homosexual households especially when they have a parent that is a cross dresser. Every black movie that comes out have too deal with homosexuality, interracial dating, the token non black friend, dysfunctional black female & male relationship, and etc.

  3. Lee Daniels make sure in his films he includes homosexuality in it. The film Precious she was being molested by her mother, Empire the music owner son was gay, Star queen latifah son is a cross dresser, the butler the black male was emasculated even though it wasn’t no homosexual scenes, now we have this new movie of his

    • Daniels is obsessed with depraved sexual behavior. It’s all he thinks about. He’s never original in his films or television shows. He is doing everything he can to normalize the abnormal. He’s a very sick human being.

  4. Keke Palmer been showing her ass for years now. If you go back to how she be skinning out and showing out on social media, you could have seen this was a chicken head running around. What can we say about Lee daniels? At least he is consistent in promoting his death style. He is not the problem though it’s all them other kneegrows that refuse to produce anything of value. Instead glue their big nukka lips to the ass holes of hollywierd’s filthiest degenerates. Anything for fame and fortune under white pathogy

      • @ Kushite Prince
        I remember when I first heard about the movie “Moonlight” I decided to see who was cast in the movie was a all black cast. Well I took a liken to the actor Trevante Rhodes who was the main character of the movie. When I finally seen the trailer too the movie, found out he was playing a homosexual I was disgusted. Trevante is a nice looking black man but I didn’t like the fact he was playing a faggot.

        Also with this homosexual agenda being promote, were people can’t tell the difference from normal to abnormal.. Seeing black males wear emasculating feminine clothing which is abnormal has become normal. Sooner, later, or now we’re going to be seeing openly relationships of suppose to be heterosexual women dating feminine men who wears women’s clothing & suppose to be heterosexual men dating masculine women who wears men clothing as normal. We’re going to be arguing with people saying that’s not normal.

  5. w….t…..f. I am so sick of white people (and their demonic minions) casting their sick disgusting fantasies onto us. Theyve really created a doozie here ……..to keep the worlds hatred and lack of empathy for melanated people going full throttle.

    • That’s it in a nutshell KJ. The onslaught is relentless. I’m just glad people are aware of this sick agenda. It’s disgusting on every level. Just more psychological programming of anti-blackness.

  6. This is the way how to destroy a beautiful BW into a man and handsome BM into a woman!
    They want to destroy everything and everyone on this planet,to shape in their sick image because what their deprave culture tell them to do!
    In the past you would never have heard so much about this disgusting sorcery, they are really pushing so hard these transgender agenda to make as normal,that even the churches, schools and so on,they are agree to help and teach this madness!
    This is the one first reason and I don’t watch anymore TV and I don’t go to the cinema because “we don’t know but they can be deceive man and woman cross gender and you will never know it!,we should stop watch TV crap and go to the cinema because these demonic beast this type of topic they are promoting!
    Their motto says:
    -is OK be trans,gender fluid or even don’t have at all a gender identity!
    -is OK teach at school to kids, how to be trans or bring a trans person to teach them about it!
    -is OK mix the black struggle with homosexual struggle because “gay is the new black!”
    – is OK call “gay is a race now!”
    -is OK to give a trans woman how to give birth a child,because now they want men to give birth a child!
    What I can say to all of them “Got to hell and please just don’t come back!

  7. Hello Kushiteprince.

    I left a comment on your YouTube channel before about the astral travelers who harass/attack me. This is my blog. What if I told you that they have been thirsting for my soul/heart chakra for a long time now and many of their entertainment is based off what they do to me or fantasize about doing? Would you believe me? What if I can tell you all the secrets about what is going on. Would you listen?

  8. My story is on my blog. I need help sharing my story about what they are doing to me to as many people who want to know as possible. I know the secrets behind these movies and what they do. Many in the entertainment industry are psychic vampires who worship the hidden sun/black sun in your head/crown chakra. The pineal gland. Like in the movie Queen of the damned, Twilight(Bella represents someone with a strong pineal gland which is why their powers didn’t work on her), Blade etc. When you have a Black sun in your head that is very powerful you basically are the Great mother/universe and you are in “paradise”. The color pink represents feminine energy which is the Luciferian energy that they worship because it grants you immortality like the serpent(Great mother) encouraging Eve to take the fruit that makes you like god. That is the seed of light from the mother in your head.
    They decided to use me as their sacrifice and spiritually violated me against my will and have stolen my energy because of my health issue with my head. They are bragging about it everywhere in the media/movies/music. The reason why you see them as lesbian in this movie is because they go by Energy. If you don’t have your feminine energy intact then they see you as a man and a dog. If you do then energetically they see you as a female seed from the mother. Dog from the bible meaning someone who is not in heaven (heaven is the size of a mustard seed) which means they don’t have their Black sun(hidden god) energy. They have put people under mk ultra or whatever else to spy on me since I was little and these people decided to spiritually attack me when I had the damage to my crown chakra. They constantly stalked me to get my energy when I would cry or have other intense negative emotions. Please understand that many of their entertainment right now is about the torment and harm that they have done to me. Thank you for encouraging people to not watch it.

      • Thank you so much for reading my story.

        I have also found out that many white and Asian women and their helpers that are not famous are on Twitter talking in sugar coated talk about what they are doing to me too. Many of them found out about me and my abilities so they joined in too.
        These white and Asian females feel Entitled to my very Soul. Heres one of them: @aurorasofiab
        Many of those she talks to are involved as well. They want My Feminine energy for themselves because they blame m for their men abusing or brainwashing children when I would Never condone that. That has nothing to do with me. Those people Choose to do evil and blame me for it. They slander me and want MY soul to keep. They already did me spiritual damage.

        I just want to share what some white and asian women do in secret to someone like me who is not white or asian like them. They demonize me because they want to have my energy and be a “real Goddess”.

  9. Completely agree!! I just noticed that the movie is in pay-perview so I think we were successful in our boycott 👍🏾!!

  10. You speak so much truth in this post. But our people eat this bullshit up! Bruh this agenda has worked so effectively. Everyday in D.C. I see a confused YOUNG man. Like bruh growing up in my youth it was so prevalent. These days with them normalizing it, it’s like damn near a quarter to a half shit maybe 75 percent of our people have fell for the trap.

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