Aliya Will


Great video of the gorgeous Aliya Will. Aliya is the personification of black beauty. She has the beauty of an ancient goddess. She is a gorgeous Jamacian beauty,who can be found on Youtube,Twitter and Instagram. She has over 48,000 followers on Instagram. She also has her own blog. Keep an eye out for this beauty!


4 thoughts on “Aliya Will

  1. I c ur point, she is very attractive but I disagree with the claim of her being indicative of ANCIENT African beauty. Her features are more European than African although Africans too have said features, the majority of our culture had typically africoid features that displayed the noble ANCIENT royalty that represented our race and that looked like the same people that we hail from.The royalty was very African looking meaning broad noses,broad lips high cheekbones and very dark skin. This was the epitome of beauty for thousands of years! Everyone wanted to look like the typical African beauty!

  2. See her everywhere (online) and no info/name or IG. Sista’s like her deserve to be stalked (online/social media), respectfully. LOL

    Disclaimer: My stalking consists of fawning over pictures via Instagram/tumblr at work (when I should be cutting the plantation grass with scissors) or before i work out. I’m not on social media, AT ALL. So I’ve never slid or hid in the DMs. No woman deserves to be stalked or harmed from obsession. I have harmless admiration. Let’s be clear.

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