13 thoughts on “Human Zoos and Strip Clubs….the same?

  1. The way we let ourselves be exploited is so disrespectful and disgusting!
    That picture is horrible to look,in Youtube is full of these strip club crap videos and also hip hop and rap crap videos they are also include!
    I want to know all these BW who work in this strip club how they feel about themselves? They think a respectful woman it’s like that?
    If they look at Sarah Baartman images, how they exploited her body,her soul,they stripped her human right,they mocked her,they kept her in a cage like an animal,after her dead,they didn’t let her rest in peace because they exposed her death body and genitals in museum,so these motherf@@@k could see how BW
    are made! What would they feel?
    In this racist society one thing I notice it’s the BW bodies is a circus,kind entertainment for this motherf@@@k!
    We aren’t human for them,we are an exotic animals that only our jobs is to be exposed, our genitals cut into pieces or pieces of our bodies exposed in science museums, because in the end of the day we are not human, no even women,
    no simple we are just animals!
    Kushite the only thing I find disappoint from some BW it’s they way the behaviour,
    I don’t like at all,just because we were born to have such type of bodies different from other women,I don’t like when I see these BW expose every single inch of their skin or dress in such way!
    Someone think that be BW it’s mean,show off all your curvy,expose your breast,wearing very tight jeans,expose your bottom because “all men they will look at you,someone will marry you,shake your bottom,twerk all the time!”
    I mean this is be BW? I like dance too but we aren’t only good to dance or show off our body all the time!
    One thing I find ignorance from some people in our community it’s “if you don’t have the shapes in your bodies you ain’t BW? You tell me this isn’t another way to disrespectful BW body?
    Every time people think about BW or anything about us,it’s just only our physical appearance,after that BW dont’ have anything a part our bodies!
    All these things doesn’t belong to our culture,because white culture is made of where WW are constantly physically exploited, at a young age, they dress with obscene clothes,if you want to make a career or get high you have to compromise,is the white culture exploit their women,what’s wrong with us?

  2. Back then black women were force now there willing to participate in there on exploitation. The bottom picture with the female strippers, I wonder what’s there background stories & what lead them too this “willingly” sexually exploitation lifestyle.

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