Trojan Pam-Concealed Weapons are for white people


This is a great video featuring the late great Trojan Pam(Pamela Evans).  She explains how concealed weapons are designed to help black people.  If anything it’s designed to get more black people killed!  Check out the video and let me know your thoughts.

14 thoughts on “Trojan Pam-Concealed Weapons are for white people

  1. They fear us so much that when they see us, they are shitting in their pants every single day of their life!
    It’s sick to my stomach see that black cop in this video who is helping these motherf***krs to mistreat a helpless BW! How may cops they are?
    Oh my Goodness!
    I do believe that these monsters they have designed the use of legalize weapons after abolition of slavery and after integration of black people in their white society but,we all know that there has never been integration for us but only segregation!
    They are using weapons because their most lethal nightmare is that black people one day will rise against to them!
    They just want to preserve their own life,that’s why they find every single excuse the most stupid to kill us without any reason because their life in dangerous!
    I think most BM have experienced when they walk on the street people fear them,but me as a BW I notice that when I walk on the street WW fear and afraid of me,when they walking with their children in the buggies, and I’m just walking a moment behind them because I want to overcome them, I notice that they start to panic just because I’m behind them!
    I mean I will never risk my life or be in trouble for these nasty because I don’t want destroy my life for them,that’s why I keep myself as much as can distant from them!
    WOW Look the last photographs on the video, they seem a bunch of hunters with their heavy artillery, ready to go hunting!

    • That’s so true. It’s all fear based. That’s what we have always battled against in this country. They are always in survival mode. They fear karmic debt. They know it’s coming.

      • I disagree with you, white people DO NOT FEAR black people at all. They are just racist, they are dedicated to mistreating black people. Them pretending to panic or pretending to be afraid of you is them trying to get under your skin and it works. I can tell you are still bothered by it. Stress is a major killer of black people, all these interactions with white people will keep eating you up inside because you could not do anything about it. Its not fear, its just being racist. They dont view you as human beings so they will keep terrorizing you because non humans dont have feelings.

  2. Damn, your Highness.

    I do miss Miss Pam.

    However, do not fret.

    I spoke to a very good friend of mine who has decoded, to the best of his ability, the Bible. He’s NOT a religious nut of any kind. He’s quite esoteric and studies the occult. He told me the bible is written in coded language that coincides with the Mayan calendar and Kemetic Prophesy.

    In this prophesy, the white race will be destroyed.

    Whites will use those guns they love so very much against each other to finish themselves off. Of course, some of us will get caught up in the crossfire but it will be mostly them. Whites will find themselves divided against each other by 2 groups:

    1. Extremely racist whites that want us dead by any means necessary. Even if it means destroying the planet and their own children.

    2. “Regular” racist whites who understand that Melanin is the Key to their Salvation and will fight to keep us alive by any means necessary even if it means killing their own race to do it.

    Group 1 is insane and there’s no coming back from their madness.
    Group 2 is a little *less* insane and is willing to evolve with us by means of mixing.

    The war, as he explains it, will NOT be us verses whites but whites verses themselves. They will call themselves The Fifth Column. As they die off, and believe you me, they KNOW they’re dropping like flies, many will come to a realization that the enemy all along is none other than themselves.

    Also, don’t forget the hundreds of white babies being born ( those that can conceive) with such extreme mental and physical illnesses. How are they supposed to fire a weapon when there’s no mental capacity?

    I used to work in the medical field and many of these people are doped up on Adderall, Prozac, Lithium and all kinds of madness. You should see them when they can’t get their drugs!

    Anyways, that’s my .02 for the day.

  3. I don’t know that I can add anything relevant here as those who have commented have done such an excellent job of that. Both comments are spot on! And the video was just hard to watch. I just hate to see MY people treated such! Oh how I long for those white devils to just do us ALL a favor and DIE ALREADY!

    Great post Prince!

  4. Blu@ you said they don’t fear us? I know very well how racist they are without any conscience no regret for what they have done and they are still doing,but I do agree that their hatred,sickness,obsession for us and they try to kill us all it’s just fear!
    Because we are physically, genetically more strong than them, we are different from them,they fear us for what we are,if we didn’t have no coons or dead brainwash people among our community,they would have already disappeared!
    Is a natural behavior that the weaker individual feels threatened by a stronger individual, the weaker individual will do everything to take over the strong one, is called natural selection!
    Some followers said that their biggest fear is “the wp fear of Black planet!” their racism is about survival because they know very well what is coming form them,is just us we don’t take serious the word “survival”
    I do believe and agree 100%!

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