9 thoughts on “Who Am I….?

  1. Whites are NOT human. They lie down and attempt to ‘mate’ with animals. No ‘human’ would do that, but whites are at it ALL the time. Who is so into depraved sex acts? Whites. Who has tried to destroy every living being on this planet? Whites. Those depraved, barbaric sociopaths are no where near human and the sun cannot burn their ass up fast enough to suit me.

    Their shit is floating past their asses right now or burning the fuck up! May it continue!

  2. What a bunch of coons were Moors why in the hell they wanted to civilize these cave beasts?
    Beasts who leave their shit everywhere,they don’t know how to use the toilet,their women they don’t even wash their hands after use the bathroom? They always behaviour like animals,like they are still leaving in their f@@k European caves!
    I mean they could gave us a really big favor to get rid of this nauseating garbage!

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