Trojan Pam- Flirting with Racists


This is a short but great video by Trojan Pam(Pamela Harris).  Pam gives some very good advice about the dangers of flirting with racists in the workplace. She explains how black people should navigate in the workplace around white people.

17 thoughts on “Trojan Pam- Flirting with Racists

  1. I am a black female who was being sexually harassed at my last job, one of the counter arguments of the abuser was that I would look at him which in their argument meant that I was inviting them into my space. This is the reason why I do not make eye contact or look at white people. They are always on the hunt, looking for ways to justify their mistreatment towards black people.

    • @ Blu I
      It was a non black Hispanic man on my job that was too flirty & touchy with the black women he like on the job. One thing I observe about him is that he made sure non black people especially women of his race didn’t see him flirting with black women in front of them.

      • I noticed that as well. They still support their own women while terrorizing us. I think its strategy for them, for instance if you report them, they still have the support of their own people and since their own people didnt “see” the harassment, they wont believe the victim.

  2. I was also sexually harassed when I worked for corporate by white males. The thing is you can ignore them to the point of running away from them. Once they set their sights on you, that’s it.

    It’s now gonna be “your word against theirs.”

    Another thing to remember is YOU never choose them.

    They choose YOU.

  3. I remember that I was in airport in line,
    I was there mind my own business,and this WM he began to compliment my braids,
    how beautiful they were and he was so close to touch me!
    I gave to him a homicidal look and my hand was ready to hit him,all this happened in front of his wife and children. I mean these WM they still have plantation mindset!
    They don’t have shame, what a pile of feces they are!

  4. Ommmmmg. Im at an inner city hospital where there is a lot of white people employed, and these white females know all too well that they can get favorable attention from black males. and most of the black males act like naive toddlers around these white females. Its absolutely stomach turning. Im aware that none of us–male or female–cannot be too rude or too stand offish towards whites, especially in the ER where team dynamics are important. But it makes me sick because these white females (some not all) bask in the attention, and the black men seem clueless. I have not witnessed any flirtations between white males and black females. While Im sure it exists in some measure, the WM/BF dynamic is totally different compared to WF/BM. We (black women) dont presume any type of power over white males, and we arent walking around assuming they prefer us to their own women. And we dont want white men, unlike white females who alot of them secretely (or not so secretly) DO desire black males.

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